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You Know You’re Getting Old When… By BB

This Christmas everyone kept <a href="http://asking me what I wanted. I just couldn’t think of much. But their were three things I really wanted and DID NOT want to buy for myself. They weren’t particularly exciting for my family to buy for me but I was pretty darn excited to get them

First, every time I stay in a hotel I always LOVE the vanity mirror that lights up and has magnifying on one side and regular mirror on the other. Our last trip my hubby asked if I’d ever want one…umm yes please! Then I kind of forgot about it. Well guess what showed up on Christmas day. My hubby is so good at remember those little things I say and getting them for me. Much better than me. My memory sucks. (There is also a 10% coupon right now)

Second, New dish towels. Yes this does not seem exciting but I will tell you my mother-in-law introduced me to the very best dish towels around! She gave me some for my wedding shower (12 years ago) and I still use them. They are called Now Design Ripple Kitchen Towels. She’s also basically bought me all of the ones I have for Christmas or my birthday over the years. The store we typically bought them from stopped selling them and frankly we were super bummed. THESE REALLY ARE THE BEST TOWELS!! The dry dishes, they last forever, and there are tons of colors to choose from. Well some of my towels…from 12 years ago are ready to be replaced so when my sister-in-law asked me what I wanted I said towels. She found them on Amazon. Yahoo!!! I was so excited. My brother-in-law said that wasn’t a real gift…it is if you’re getting old 😆 If I may make a suggestion, I prefer darker colors because they stay looking nicer longer. You are still using them to clean things in the kitchen.

The Now Design dishcloth is awesome too! Seriously whenever I go to someone’s house and they don’t have them I judge. No I don’t but I do think that they should get some. I won’t use any other towel.

Third thing I asked for that makes me old is the Shelandy Pet Blowdryer. Yep I asked my mom to get me this. Was I serious?! Yep I sure was! Rosie loves to dig and that means lots of baths. I’ve been using my blow dryer but kept seeing the Shelandy Pet Blowdryer and I wanted it! And let me tell you I am so excited to get it and used it for the first time yesterday and IT IS AWESOME!!!

I didn’t get these for Christmas but they are a must if you have a dog! Well that is if you want to have your dog smell like a spa. Chi for Dogs Shampoo and Chi for Dogs Deodorizing Spray smell so good! I would use them on my own hair. They smell amazing and last for multiple days, which I haven’t found with other products.

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  1. I have those ripple dish towels and love them. I actually bought mine in Hornbachers grocery store! Need more colors.

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    1. Thanks for your support! The theme is Blossom Chic. We actually started with a different one but converted to self hosting and updated it. It’s a clean look for sure! We’ll check out your site.

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