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You asked. Top eye makeup remover. By Binks

Like many, I have sensitive eyes…and I like to wear makeup. I’ve tried a million eye makeup remover. Some work but sting my eyes or make them greasy. To the extreme, they can cause irritation and red eyes. Other don’t seem to work at all or work halfway and I end up scrubbing too hard or using a second product. I usually follow up with a quick swipe of micellar water to make sure I get off all the product. Here are the ones I like.

Lancôme This product is amazing and one of my top favs. It is gentle and doesn’t irritate my eyes and gets waterproof eyeliner off easily.

Clinique Also a top fav. Same as Lancome, it doesn’t irritate my eyes and melts off eye makeup easily.


Make Up Eraser WOW! Just WOW. This takes off makeup with water. I Love IT. The only drawback is you can only use it once or twice then you need to wash it so ordering more than one is handy.

Erase Your Face Similar product to Make Up Eraser but come in a 4 pack.

CeraVe Gentle Makeup Remover and CeraVe Hydrating Micellar Cleansing Water. Both these products work well. A great value for the price.

Target brand Neutrogena knockoff I picked this up when I was traveling and didn’t want to spend a lot. It works very well. I like it better than Neutrogena as it causes less irritation. Make sure you shake it up before each use or it will lose it’s effectiveness.

Grown Alchemist Detox Eye-Makeup Remover (azulene, protec-3 complex). This came in one of my beauty boxes and is very effective. I like to use it before workouts, as it swipes clean with a cotton ball. It can be hard to find so I recommend hitting up www.grownalchemist.com.

Simple Sensitive Facial Rounds. These are handy for on the go or at work. I prefer to use reusable rounds, but in a pinch these can be very convenient.

Reusable Rounds I love these and they love the environment. Extremely soft, these don’t leave fuzz in and around your eyes like cotton balls sometimes do.

If you try any of these, send me a note to share how they worked for you! bbandbinks@gmail.com.

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