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Word of the Week: Hearts by BB

Clothing with Hearts are at the bottom!!! Go Shop!

Last week my word of the week was GRACE (blog post here). And boy did I need it! I was missing things, forgetting things, losing my temper and overall feeling like I couldn’t do anything right. I recognized my friends needed grace but I’m wasn’t giving myself any grace.

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This week I just keep gravitating towards HEARTS. This season I keep finding heart clothing and just want to buy it and share it with all of you! The last couple days I keep thinking about it and wondering why. Why hearts? I’m not someone who would normally wear hearts. Not totally my style but this year I can’t get enough. In fact not only am I looking at heart clothing for myself, I’m looking at it for Sissy too. And guess what? She loves hearts too. So there must be a reason…right?!!

I think these past 6-7 months have been so unprecedented. We have seen some true beauty and we’ve seen some seriously ugly behavior. I’ve never had more conversations with my kids about kindness and sadness. We’ve had some VERY tough conversations. I’m pretty transparent with my kids (kid appropriate of course). I want them to be able to come to me and ask me anything! I don’t always have the answer but it is always a good discussion. My goal is to help them have less fear. I have let fear stop me a lot in my life. Fear of looking dumb and fear of not saying the right thing. I want something different for my children.

My favorite part of the stay at home order, restrictions and slowing down has been our dinners together each night. We often had dinners together before but our schedules were so much busier and my husband traveled a lot. Now he is home every night and our activities have decreased so much. So we sit together and break bread. Most importantly, we talk! We talk about the good things that are happening and the tough things that are happening. We talk about white privilege and discrepancies people of color are feeling. We talk about politics…and with that we talk about being respectful and kind. I want better for my children and I want them to be better to people. I want them to be a part of positive change.

So back to hearts. I guess I’m so drawn to hearts this year because I’ve seen and heard so much heartache and hardships and I want to spread love and kindness. There are days that are so very hard and I want to remind myself it’s not as hard as somebody else’s day. But I also think we need to honor our feelings. We need to give our feelings some validation and then if it’s not that big, move on. I like the idea of someone seeing my clothing and thinking positive thoughts.

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So let’s talk heart fashion…why? Because it’s fun and makes me smile and I believe it makes other people think about love and happiness!

Here are some awesome heart clothing I found! Doesn’t it just warm your heart?!

I hope these clothes help to warm your heart and make you smile! If we all wear more hearts maybe it’ll help remind us to spread the love, kindness, and smiles.

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