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Five Women Who Have Inspired Me!

They feel like friends but I’ve never met them. Introducing you to five women who have put there lives online and who have touched my life.

Now that our major shopping season is over I pondered what I wanted to write about. I keep coming back to women on social media who have inspired and impressed me. Throughout this journey of blogging my social media reaches have expanded and I’ve been introduced to women to whom I admire so much. Sometimes it’s about their hustle. Sometimes it’s about their strength, and sometimes it’s about their truth and weaknesses.

I thought maybe if I felt so inspired by these women you probably would too. Most of these women have a big following, but I guess that is because they are creating content people are loving or feel connected to. So here goes!

Living In Yellow

(Picture taken from Living in Yellow website)

The first person I’m going to feature is Erin of Living in Yellow. Erin has created an empire sharing her great fashion tips and products she loves. Living in Yellow was the blog and social media following that actually inspired me to start this blog. I thought, if she can do it, so can I. Finding amazing products and deals is truly a passion of mine. ~” I get a natural high when talking all things cute outfits, travel, wine, good deals, cheese [lots and lots of cheese] restaurants, awkward moments and anything in between.”~taken from Erin’s about me. Anyone who knows me knows this sounds like something I would say. I would just replace wine with gimlets.

Following Living is Yellow has been so fun and I identify so much with what she is doing. Frankly, I love buying the products she advertises as well. I want to be Erin someday haha. If you haven’t checked Erin and her team of 6 other incredible women out you must. But get ready to spend money because she shows the best stuff. Website Living in Yellow, Facebook , Instagram @livinginyellow

Little Miss Momma

(Picture taken from Little Miss Momma website)

Now here is Ashley of Little Miss Momma. Oh my gosh you guys she is one incredible woman. I actually heard about Ashley from Erin of Living in Yellow. Ashley is a mom of three. She has two boys and a daughter. Her daughter, Stevie, died on May 27th from DIPG (diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma). Stevie was diagnosed on April 14th. Only 6 short weeks Ashley and her family shared their loss of Ashley is so honest with her life, love, grief, and all that goes into this. I find her to be so incredibly inspiring as she shares her journey of the worst loss someone can go through.

She is truly opening herself up to the world. I am learning so much from her and feel connected to her family even though I have never met or talked to her. For those who have lost someone special, especially a child, Ashley is someone you should follow. Oh she’s also a major oily lady! Website Little Miss Momma, Facebook, Instagram @littlemmissmomma

self care gifts

Always, Alex

(Picture taken from Always, Alex website)

My next lady is Alex Farbie with Always, Alex. Alex describes herself as a full-time graduate student, speech instructor, and human. I follow Alex mostly on Instagram and just love seeing her pictures and adventures in life. Alex shares her authentic life and I love it. I love looking at her pictures and seeing her smile. She’s got an amazing fashion sense. She reminds me of my younger self. Here’s how Alex describes herself, “I’m a girl who loves moscato, movies, and joining the online conversation surrounding empowering women, self-care & wellness, adventures, fashion/style, and beauty.” Check Alex out! Website Always, Alex, Facebook and Instagram @alexfarbie

The Birds Papaya

(Picture taken from The Birds Papaya website)

Oh my gosh Sarah of The Birds Papaya is someone I just can’t get enough. “She loves helping others see and understand their worth, love their bodies, feel less alone in the world, and be ok with life’s little shakeups.” Sarah lost 100 lbs and she shows it off. I’m amazed by her confidence. Sarah is a mom of 4, her fourth was just born. She is a straight shooter which I really love. Sarah has so many exciting things happening from a podcast to styling a postpartum body and all things in between. I really recommend checking Sarah out. Website The Birds Papaya, Facebook, Instagram @thebirdspapaya

I feel so inspired by Sarah’s courage, honesty, and open sharing of her family and story.

Laura Tremaine

Photo taken from Ten Things to Tell You

Laura Tremaine is probably the blogger I’ve followed the longest. I was introduced to her by my friend Samara, who had a blog Simplicity in the Suburbs. Each year Laura has a day she calls #onedayhh where you document your regular old life for a whole day. It is a day I love. Showing the beauty in our sometimes mundane life.

Laura has “been blogging, creating, working, and sharing on the internet for a long time now” and I love following her. As the Hollywood Housewife evolved she renamed her social media to her name and it’s been exciting to see how she has evolved as a women. She is now a Podcaster and Author as well.

I love Laura’s honesty about anxiety and trials with motherhood. Laura has often helped me not feel so alone. Laura is also an avid reader and sends out “Secret Posts” with her favorite books, products, and tons of other stuff. I love looking through these posts to get ideas. I’m so inspired by her and all of her accomplishments.

We’re excited to feature Laura’s new book Share Your Stuff. I’ll Go First.: 10 Questions to Take Your Friendships to the Next Level in our March Bookclub. Lastly, you must also check out her Podcasts 10 Things to Tell You and Smartest Person in the Room.

Feeling Inspired

Here are 5 women I’ve never met but have felt so invested in their lives and online presence. These women inspire me to push myself further as a mom, wife, and online content creator. I hope someday someone will come to me and say I made a difference in their life. That might be lofty but if we can leave a day with love to someone else, we are doing something right!

If you have anyone your feel inspired by please share them with us. We’d love to check them out.

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