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Week Of July 26th

We are going to start posting the whole week of social media posts all in one spot at the end of each week. This way you can access products and links WAY more easier! Instead of having to scroll back through Facebook, Instagram, or search Pinterest you’ll be able to just look here!


Great deal in this amazing ice roller for face and body. $11.99 plus a $4 coupon. Let yourself feel renewed. https://amzn.to/3hBaces.
Back to School
My Mask is better than your’s! Haha. My talented friend has an Etsy shop. Please go check it out! https://shrsl.com/2e3o1 use code BBANDBINKS for free shipping!! ~affiliate link
(she’s working on kid masks so I’ll post again when they are available)
My cat loves this brush and it removes her loose fur without making a mess. Find it here: https://amzn.to/2CfOCg4.
Just a few items I am loving. The pants I got TWO compliments today at Costco by strangers. They are high waisted and actually stay up! I’m loving the sports bra. Super comfortable and good support! This tank is awesome, nice length and soft! And of course my new hilarious mask. Gap is having a crazy sale. 40% off+ 20% off https://gap.igs4ds.net/x7bgA
Sports bra https://gap.igs4ds.net/n7O2o
Leggings https://gap.igs4ds.net/Rkx6a
Good Vibes Tank Top https://amzn.to/2BzeyDI
LunaSea Masks https://shrsl.com/2e3o1


Recipe Post! https://bbandbinks.com/everything-keto-bagels-by-bb/
So I might have thought Sissy and I could have matching outfits. She loves to match me and I hate to admit it but it’s kind of fun! Well as much as I LOVE this jumpsuit it’s just not for curvy bodies like mine…boo! I still recommend it if you don’t have much for hips. The price is awesome and quality nice!
Gap Cyber Sale in July 40% off everything with code CYBER and extra 20% off with HAPPY
Denim Jumpsuit https://gap.igs4ds.net/a0JBj
Girl’s Jumpsuit https://gap.igs4ds.net/g2zv5
Just ordered this 4 pack of reading glasses for under $13. Includes a pair of reading sunglasses. What a great deal! https://amzn.to/2OYS2ah.
double10: $50+, get $10 off; double20: $100+, get $20 off; double30: $150+, get $30 off


I wanted to show you a product I’m LOVING!! We all love foaming soap but I hate just throwing the containers away. Blueland has eco friendly products and packaging. The cost is amazing too. $2 per refill. I can’t say enough good things. Fill up container with water and throw tab in and watch it disappear, voila foaming soap! http://rwrd.io/xeksezy
I haven’t been able to fine replacement cartridges for my Soda Stream in ages. Here is a link to find them online!
Was just looking at Shoes.com for shoes for the kiddies. It’s that time of year where they need shoes and I start looking for deals for school shoes (hopefully they’ll be in school). They have some awesome deals on boots too. https://tinyurl.com/y3g5t5ca use code SUMMER25 also today Rakuten has 16% cash back!!!! That’s huge! If you sign up you get $10 cash back! https://www.rakuten.com/r/EMCNEI35?eeid=44749
Shine Bright! Stand Out In Our Boldest & Brightest Hues! Shop Now!


I love this counter organizer! When we remodeled the bathroom somehow it cracked. I ordered the exact same one because I love it! It’s so functional. https://amzn.to/3jKSrvb
What do you think? Pink dress https://gap.igs4ds.net/9XvqQ Similar black shirt https://tinyurl.com/y5ncatp8 Similar Leopard https://shrsl.com/2eqod


NEW RECIPE POST!! Goat Cheese Pasta Salad-this is an Add In Recipe! (I add in TONS of veggies). It can easily be vegetarian or you can add in meat. It is delicious! https://bbandbinks.com/add-in-goat-cheese-pasta-salad-by-bb/
Legs aching working from home so I ordered Thai under the desk pedal bike. I love it. https://amzn.to/30VJs1C
I just love this shirt (and multiple others from Loft which is having a crazy sale) and my new backpack (available in other colors). ❤️❤️ Backpack https://shrsl.com/2esel
Shirt https://tinyurl.com/y696wopa


A BBANDBINKS follower recommendation for an effective exfoliator. https://amzn.to/313lu4I


Uniform Sale!!! For those of you who have kids that need uniforms Gap is having an awesome sale!! These three shirts are under $20. They have other incredible deals too!
Shirts https://gap.igs4ds.net/MJmL2
Gap https://www.gap.com use codes SOGOOD for 40% off and HAPPY for am extra 10% off!
Binks has this adorable jumpsuit! We are real suckers for jumpsuits!! Under $30 more colors available too! https://gap.igs4ds.net/VExmJ
Have you ever checked out Moosejaw? I came across it last holiday season from a fellow influencer I highly respect.
I love what Moosejaw has to offer. They are having an epic sale. 30% Back in Moosejaw Rewards on Fjallraven, The North Face & more. Use code BUBBLEGUM.


Loving my quarantine art. This is my latest project. This project is a great stress reliever. Get a three pack here: https://amzn.to/3fewEIQ
I have to post these foot peeling masks again! They have exceeded my expectations exponentially!! Now over 5 weeks later and my feet still look good. I can’t believe it. I ordered more so I can keep my feet from getting as bad. $9.99 for 3 sets! https://amzn.to/2PjzRfu

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