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We Will Not Be Stopped by BB

My best friends decided for their 40th birthday they were going to England to see Ed Sheeran in concert. They invited anyone who wanted to come but you had to make your own arrangements. With such little kids I struggled with leaving them and contemplated not going but my husband convinced me that we couldn’t miss this. However, we made it a trip of our own. We flew to Paris for 6 days before everyone else showed up. It Was Magical!!!

We met up with our friends in London and the sight seeing began. My husband and I were only in London for three days before we flew home. Our trip, with travel, was 10 days. We met up with our best friends and 3 other dear friends. Those three days were incredible and easy. We all just wanted to take in as much as we could. The London traffic slowed us down but the fun was never far away.

When I was looking at my pictures and what I should write about next I came across the picture of the woman blocking us. It was from Westminster Abbey. We were in line waiting and my husband got a little too close to the door. This arm quickly shot up to stop him from invading her place in line. We had a case of the church giggles. No Budging In London!!! As silly and dumb as this picture is it makes me think about how many times in my life I have been stopped. Mostly stopped from fear of failure or fear of not getting approval.

Meeting our friends in London

When I turned 40 last January I threw those fears away. I wasn’t going to waste anymore time thinking about something but actually trying to accomplish something. What that was, I wasn’t sure but I was searching. In November, I hosted a Pampered Chef Virtual Party and loved the interactions with people. I was surprised by who was more interactive than others. Then I’ve been following Living in Yellow on Facebook and thought, “That’s it! That’s what I want to do!”

Honestly, over the years I’ve thought about starting a blog but never knew what would be my thing. I figured out at the Pampered Chef party I could help promote products I loved. I figured out I was enjoying posting and engaging. My hesitation with a particular brand is I think I would get bored. With this blog I can promote all different brands and products. I can support my friends who have their own businesses. The possibilities are endless!

Along the way there may be people throwing their arm up to stop me but I won’t be stopped! I want to continue to progress and learn. This morning we got some nasty messages on our posts and it didn’t phase me, it would have really bothered me before. My thought was that I was sad for them that they have to put out negativity into the universe. I just don’t have time for that. So we hid their words and moved on. Binks and I will not be stopped and hope you can jump on board!


4 thoughts on “We Will Not Be Stopped by BB

  1. Good for you! I can’t believe how negative people always want to throw up on others! Brush it off and stay true to yourself! You two are doing an awesome job! I love seeing all the posts! And that looks like an amazing trip. What fun friends! 😁🤣

  2. BB – I love interacting with you, you have a lot to share with the world. You have made a positive impact on me in just a short time and I know you will reach others as well. Keep up the good work!

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