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Turning 41! by BB

The guy who chose to be on this adventure with me!

My birthday is today and I feel great about it! Some people struggle with getting older but not me. Well, I wouldn’t mind fewer wrinkles, tighter skin, and gravity to not be so mean, but in spite of it all, I have a good life.

My beautiful sister and partner!

At 40, I felt so empowered to just be rid of negativity. I planned to take care of my mental health and sometimes that means removing or limiting things that don’t benefit me and hurt me. I am an extreme empath. I feel things deeply. This is a blessing and a curse. I always felt like I needed everyone to be happy around me and it was my job to help them. Now I’m not saying I won’t support people because I most definitely will, I just am more selective on who I invest my time in. I really appreciate a reciprocal relationship. I also learned that a huge trigger for me is when I feel taken advantage of and I really try to not allow that to happen.

Growing up my family’s happy place was our cabin!

I tell you what…40 was one of my best years!!! I was healthier and happier. I hope I was still as good of a wife, mom, daughter, sister, and friend! I took time for myself, which we all need…and shouldn’t feel guilty about, but we do! I surrounded myself with people who lift me up and to whom I love to support. I have three awesome kids whom I love dearly even when they’re driving me nuts. When I was younger and had a plan for my life, I hoped for all this. I am just where I wanted to be!

Everyone deserves a best friend like Stacey! She’s the best!

Of course there are still things I’d like to change. I wish i could be thinner, I wish I had more patience, I wish I could let things not bother me so much but…we all need something to strive for! I also wish I still had my dad. I miss him everyday.

My kiddies at Minnehaha Falls

So as I take a girls weekend away with some of my favorite people, I sit and appreciate all that I have. My incredible family! My super supportive friends! And now my new adventure, BBandBinks. May you all jump on my happiness bandwagon and enjoy the ride! (I know this is so cheesy but I’m feeling it and it’s my blog, so there.)

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