BB and Binks

Try the one week eat what you have challenge. By Binks

This week is freezer and pantry cleaning and week. Time to save $100+ by not heading to the grocery and instead shopping at my own house. I stocked up big time at the beginning of COVID and I want to make sure we eat what we have before it goes to waste. My freezer is full and pantry is swarming with goodies. Let’s go!

Sunday: Crock pot chicken noodle soup

Two frozen chicken breast, one Bayleaf, lunch I’m at Barbacoa American, one onion diced, one parent and one celery diced, chicken broth or chicken stock, call and pepper to taste, noodles any type of variety. Dump everything in the crockpot on low for six hours except for the noodles. Add noodles about 30 minutes before serving and add more broth if necessary. To serve the BBANDBINKS way, top with shredded cheese before serving. We learned this from our mom and it’s amazing!

Fudge Brownies from the famous Better Homes and Garden cookbook.

Monday: BBQ Spare ribs, potato galette, and spinach salad bar.


Tuesday: Pizza

Olive oil pizza crust recipe from 5 Minute Artisan Bread book, Contida squeezable pizza sauce, shredded cheese, fresh basil and assorted cut up veggies.

Wednesday: Sirloin steak Parmesan crusted new potatoes. My son surprised me by offering to cook dinner. I forgot to take a photo unfortunately because it was delicious and cooked perfectly. He even called his dad to make sure he cooked the steak properly. The potatoes came from our Imperfect Foods weekly box. (click the link for $10 off). They sell high quality products that ship once a week. It’s been fun to see what each box contains. Here is my weekly haul. I wash everything and put it in the fridge and use the ingredients to come up with new and fun menus.

Thursday: Half veggie, half cheese quiche from the Better Homes and Garden Cookbook.

Dinner: OK, it is eat what you have week and everyone has a slip now and then so there will be no photo of my ramen and microwave popcorn.

Friday: Chicken lo mein. This is a perfect dish to use up all your veggies.

This week was so much fun and satisfying to use what we have in our cupboards and freezer. I’m going to try this for another week to see what creative meals I can pull together.

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