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Top Sellers for This Week

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We thought we would let you all know what were the big sellers each week.

  1. Chi Dog Shampoo. It honestly smells so darn good. It makes Rosie smell good for days!

2. Shelandy Pet Blow dryer. I guess we have some dog lovers in the group! This thing is awesome if you bathe your own dog! Is it bad that I’ve thought about using it on my daughter to speed up the blow drying process? haha

3. ALINK 12-Pack Reusable Rainbow Metal Drinking Straws with Silicone Covers, Stainless Steel Straws for 30oz / 20oz. I got some of these this week and my family are fans! The silicone cover is nice because then the metal doesn’t touch your teeth. It comes with cleaning brushes which is awesome…especially with kids!

4. Apperloth Women’s Leather Fashion Jackets for Juniors Long Sleeve Zipper Plus Size Lightweight Moto Jacket. There are 11 different colors. What I like best about this is it’s stretchy and super comfortable. Almost like wearing a sweatshirt. I have the olive but there is an orange one I’m thinking about. 5% off now at checkout.

5. Now Designs Ripple Kitchen Towels and dish towels. These towels are seriously the best! There are tons of colors. May I suggest darker colors. Let’s be honest they won’t stain as quickly. I have orange ones I’ve had for 12 years!

6. NOW Supplements, Vitamin D-3 5,000 IU, High Potency, Structural Support*, 240 Softgels

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