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The Groomers Might be Open but We Can’t Get in…by BB

My beautiful Rosie is now 14 months old and her coat has changed. I’m not sure if it’s because she’s older or that she isn’t able to get into the groomers. I cut her once since this Stay Home Order has been enforced but girlie needs a real groomer. With that being said I have found some products that are really helping me with Rosie’s coat. I figured many people with Doodles were maybe having the same issues so I thought I better share.

First things first, I want Rosie to not smell like a stinky dog. That is important to me. I hate that stinky dog smell. I have found Chi for Dogs products and they smell so good and make Rosie’s coat so soft and silky! I love it so much. We use Chi Shampoo, Chi Conditioner, and Chi finishing dog spray. These products last longer than others I have tried which I really appreciate.

Now after I bathe my gal I use this amazing dog blow dryer! I may or may not have asked for it for Christmas. The Shelandy blow dryer works so great and has so many attachments that it can really get her dry! When I first got Rosie I tried just using my blow dryer and that took FOREVER. This dryer really cuts down on the time of actually getting her fluffy and dry!

Because she “sneaks” on my bed I really want her clean and not shedding

I have tried SO many brushes to get through her fur. She has an undercoat because of her Mama (Bernese Mountain Dog) and if you don’t take care of it she can get really matted. I have 3 brushes that I love and use almost daily. Yes her coat is definitely high maintenance. My first favorite brush is rake style. I really like the Furminator Grooming Rake. This brush is awesome and gets through her fur for every day use. Now with the stay home order, no grooming appointment, and extra outdoor time because of weather, Rosie is getting more mats than ever before. I got this Dematting Brush and is works amazingly! What I love about this brush is that is kind of like a knife on one side and cuts through the mats instead of trying to brush through them. It helps break them up and then is SO much easier to get through them. This is my newest brush and I’m obsessed with it. Just make sure to keep the sleeve on the brush while not using because it is sharp. With that being said though, the design of it makes it easy to get through the mats without hurting my pup. I do have one more brush that I also really like. The Furminator Undercoat Deshedding Tool for Dogs is another awesome tool to get that undercoat out to help with shedding and matting. My Rosie isn’t a huge shedder but when you brush her you get tons of undercoat out and this tool really helps! It also helps prevent matting because it gets the undercoat out. I love brushing Rosie, for me it’s super calming. All three of these brushes don’t hurt her. She mostly likes getting brushed. I did have a couple other brushes that she didn’t like but I think it was because they pulled her fur and it hurt.

There were a couple other products I wanted to share that have been total life savers. Having a pup for the first time has been an interesting experience. This girlie has had two UTIs…yes TWO UTIs. What does that mean you ask? That means that before taking her into the vet she peed all over the house. I literally couldn’t live without my Bissel Spot Bot. You just set the carpet cleaner on the spot and press start. I do like to use the hose to make sure I get up as much water as I can! This little machine is a game changer. P.S. I have 3 kids so I also use this machine for messes they make or if they…eh hem throw up! My daughter, Sissy, also really likes makeup so I use it often to clean up around the vanity in her room. I’ve used this Spot Bot way more than I ever hoped I would have to.

Now there is another vacuum that I’m obsessed with for my hardwood and tile floors. It can do my carpet as well as rugs. Anyone with a dog knows that the floors get a bit dirtier with a pup. The Tineco Cordless Vacuum is a pup mom’s best friend. I do have a regular vacuum for carpets to really get them vacuumed but the Tineco works amazing on the hardwood floors, tile floors, and rugs. I use it multiple times a day…remember I also have 3 kids. We are in the middle of a remodeling project and one of the remodelers used my vacuum and ended up getting one because he loves it so much and wants it for his jobs! He couldn’t believe how great it was! Oh and it has a latch for the trigger so you don’t have to hold the button down while you use it. It also has two settings. I’ve had quite a few cordless vacuums and this one is by far my favorite.

The last thing I wanted to share is my floor cleaner…yes I have a cleaning machine problem. Anything that can help me reduce dirt and cleaning time is right up my alley. I really like this BISSELL Spinwave Plus Hard Floor Cleaner and Mop. I just use vinegar and water in the tank because I don’t like to use products on my wood floors because they can leave a residue that I don’t want! Plus vinegar is natural and a great disinfectant! I use this floor mop on my wood and tile floors!

(Binks has a cat and I have a pup and we both use Chewy.com for our pets needs. We love their customer service and their speedy delivery. They also have Autoship where you can save 5-10% of the products you regularly use)

I did want to add a quick note about Rosie’s food. She is one of those Bernedoodles that can’t have chicken. The allergy is real and nasty so after trying so many options I landed on Purina Pro Plan lamb and rice, she’s still on the puppy formula. It instantly changed our life. We also use Greenies to help with her teeth and breath. I just recently had someone comment on how clean her teeth are! I get the teenie Greenies because I’m cheap and you get more. I’d rather give her two little ones throughout the day than one big one, because she LOVES them! And one last thing, Rosie loves Antlers, and I love them because they don’t make any mess and they last so long. I know they are a bit more expensive but they last for so so long. I believe they are worth the cost!

I hope these products help you keep your pup happy and your house clean! I know that make a huge difference in my life. I clean home makes a happy pup mom, haha! Also a well fed and entertained dog is a happy dog!

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