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The Gift of a Girls Weekend by BB

Silo Bakery

Having good friends is such a blessing. I’m lucky to have many! But there are few people that you can easily travel with. Last August, we started planning a trip to Dallas/Fort Worth. Heather (used to live in Dallas for 25 years), Julie (still lives in Dallas and Heather’s best friend), Stacey (my best friend and Heather’s sister-in-law) and me! You get all that?!! Unfortunately, last minute, Heather couldn’t join us. We were super bummed but she had other important things she needed to be present for. I’ve never been to Texas and was so excited. Heather sent some of the things she wanted us to see. We promised her we’d have to plan another trip!

Comfy clothes are a must for me on travel days.
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Stacey and my day started very early on Friday. We had a 6:50 am flight. I’m terrible at sleeping most days but especially on travel days. Little Man didn’t help as he kept waking up looking for me. I must say though, a flight with no kids is a vacation in and of itself! I put on my headphones with my fan app and tried to get to sleep. When I awoke I read my book. (Did I ever tell you I’m a slow reader? This is why I most often listen to books on Audible).

This book is so good!
Where the Forest Meets the Stars by Glendy Vanderah

We got off the plane and we were starving. We called Julie and picked her up and headed to Hillstone for lunch. We ate at Hillstone on our last girls trip in Phoenix. I had the most delicious salad and I begged the girls to let me go to the Dallas location. Guess what? The Thai Steak and Noodle salad was at this location too and it did not disappoint! Oh my gosh it is so darn good!! If you’re ever near a Hillstone go, it is delicious! Tell them BB sent you…they will look at you with confused eyes because they won’t know who BB but…haha!

Julie had to go back to work and Stacey and I headed to Fort Worth. That first night we ate at Mi Cocina and it was delicious!! Then because we are so exciting we headed back to our hotel, got our pjs on, washed our faces and put on our face masks!

What do we look silly? We did this each night after a grueling day of eating, drinking, and being tourists! I had received these masks in my FabFitFun box. These are same brand and AWESOME!

We had decided to get an early-ish start because we were headed to Waco, TX to go to Magnolia. We were hoping to see Chip and Joanna Gaines but unfortunately they missed the memo that BB of BB and Binks was on the premise, haha. Can I say that the Magnolia property is pretty impressive and is run like a well oiled machine?! We started at the bakery. Yum! Then headed over to the shop. I was impressed with the prices. They weren’t overboard which I thought was nice. When checking out, we were asked if we were military or a veteran. I thought this was a sweet touch. I’m assuming if you are you got a discount. They also asked where you were from. The staff was kind and engaging. Really a pleasant experience.

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While we shopped, we had our name on the waiting list (2 hours) for Magnolia Table! May I just say that the restaurant was lovely. The menu is not huge but everything we had was tasty. Let me give you some advice, get the the lavender lemon donut holes and the biscuits…oh my! Let’s just say we were not counting carbs on this trip.

The food was great and they had these cute conversation starter cards!

These ladies are so easy to travel with. Everyone is relaxed and go with the flow. If we miss a turn, no biggie. If you’re hungry, you eat. If you want to drink, go for it. If you don’t, that’s ok too. We love to laugh and just simply love to spend time together! It really is such a gift.

These gals in their matching purses! They swear by them. Stacey says to make sure you get the longer handle so it can go over your shoulder
Longchamp large
Longchamp small

On Sunday we headed to Joe T. Garcia’s restaurant. It has the best patio with heaters for this time of year. Stacey and I order chimichangas and asked for flour tortilla versus corn. The waitress very politely looked puzzled. Didn’t seem like a huge request to us. When the food arrived we understood why, these most delicious chimichangas were unlike any I have had before. They looked kind of like corn dogs in shape. She also brought us flour tortillas…hand made ahhhh! Well when she came around again I had to explain that in Minnesota our chimichangas look very different. We giggled a little together. She was awesome!

The Fort Worth Stock Yards are a fun place to go with souvenir shops so perfect to pick up little trinkets for the kids
There were real Longhorn Bulls! This is a place kids would love!

We headed to Dallas after the Stockyards and drove around the big old houses and big they were. Who else likes to go check out huge houses? I may or may not have Zillowed house prices out of pure snooping! I love doing that. We also went to the Klyde Warren Park which is a great park in the middle of the city. It has a walking track, games to play, a playground, a dog park, and tons of food trucks. Such a cute place. So glad we went! We walked down the road to fountains in the middle of buildings. Not sure the name. But all I could think about was how I wished I had a hammock and a heated blanket to take a nap to the sounds of the fountains.

Gaiam Clearance Collection
The noise was incredibly calming

On Monday morning Stacey and I slept in and missed our free breakfast. We didn’t have to leave for the airport until noon so we decided to walk around and find a coffee shop to grab some breakfast. As we were walking, we noticed a bunch of people lining up on the road. It could only mean a parade was going to happen. It was a parade to honor Martin Luther King, Jr Day! What a perfect way to end the best trip ever!! We sat down and watched school after school represent. I have to say I was a bit emotional. I have never been a part of something like this. It was special! And I LOVE parades!

One of the MANY marching bands!
Stonewall Kitchen, LLC

There is something so special to be able to go on a girl’s trip and just get to be me for a couple days. No one expects anything from me other than to eat, drink, and laugh. It helps to recharge my battery and get ready to be in turbo mode with my family. It’s a thing I think everyone should do at least once a year, men and women. I’m thankful for my wonderful friends, and thankful for my husband to hold down the fort while I’m gone. Until next time!

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