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The Constant Struggle. By Binks

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Losing weight is no fun. We try over and over with varied results. This post is not about diet plans. I am talking about eating mindfully and how that works for me. How to deal with stress instead of eating my stress. Weight Watchers has been a good tool for me.

Weight Watchers now has zero point foods. I only track the point counting foods, not all the free points, this saves time and allows me not to focus on tracking, tracking, tracking. I am also a little bit proud each time I add activity points like the 8 points I get from my hot yoga classes or when I actually hit 10,000+ steps a day. Shoveling is more fun when you get 2 points, so is lawn mowing, gardening, house work, shopping, and playing with my kid.

I don’t always stick to my point allotment, but I’m ok with that. I know that I’m eating way more fruits and vegetables (zero points) and mindfully considering how many serving of gluten free pizza (easy to eat the whole pie but more than a day’s worth of points) -ok I still do this from time to time, but I also think about healthier options that can be as satisfying. It’s a balance. I ask myself more times than not if that unhealthy option is worth it. Weight Watchers has helped me choose no more than yes. That is success if you ask me.

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