BB and Binks

2 Month Giveaway!

We are celebrating two months with…a GIVEAWAY! We will pick a winner or winners on Wednesday. Ways to get entries. Tons of ways to get

Oh Rosie Doodle!

In March we were on a family trip to North Captiva Island, Florida. If you haven’t been, you should. It’s a magical rustic island where

Who Is BB?

Let’s start from the beginning! BB, aka Betsy. I was the 4th of 5 children born in Bloomington, MN. Five children, I don’t know how

Who is Binks?

@bbandbinks Binks, aka Sara, is a writer and mom to a 14 year old son. My day job is an HR Program Manager of Talent

Winter Blues by Binks

Feeling lethargic, achy, generally not your best? This could be due to lack of sunshine in these cold and dark winter months. Vitamin D is

Mindfulness by Binks

Two years ago, I was struggling with the painful loss of my father, the abrupt end of a relationship and overall ennui. As you get