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Taco Soup~Use What is in Your Cupboard

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One of my favorite cold weather soups is Taco Soup. Originally I came across it was when a friend brought it for me when I had a minor surgery. It’s been a staple ever since. It’s almost like a chili but with a different flavor palette. The seasoning is taco seasoning and dried ranch seasoning. The best part of this soup is it is so so easy. I look in my cupboard and see what I have and dump it in, seriously that’s what I do! Taco Soup~Use What is in Your Cupboard.

This soup is nice and hearty. It also freezes well. I love to double recipes and make enough to freeze for busy nights or for lunches. I mean why should we have to cook everyday? My favorite way to freeze soup is in quart jars! They are perfect for 2 servings of soup and help keep the freezer organized! And a canning funnel makes for a clean way to get the soup into the jars. I absolutely love to freeze this way!

I am working on a new goal of eating 3 meals AT THE TABLE! I have always struggled with staying consistent with healthy eating. I’m always on a diet. Earlier this year a good friend of mine asked me if I ever thought about not being on a diet. My answer was…NO I HAVE NEVER NEVER EVEN CONSIDERED IT! She recently sent me a Podcast that has me thinking about what I’ve tried doing a million times DOES NOT WORK. So I started listening to Fat Murder and I’m learning so much. The main focus is to start by eating 3 meals at the table and sitting with hunger instead of trying to avoid it. It also talks about how restricting food causes binging so how about you put what ever food on your plate, eat it, and then move on. It’s not a quick fix but let’s be honest, quick fixes don’t work!

My problem isn’t cooking or liking healthy food. I love cooking. I love healthy food. I’m definitely an emotional eater. My body feels anxious, especially at night, and I have turned to food. I’m trying to work through this and no it’ll be a work in progress. But I feel this approach might actually be one I can follow through with. I feel empowered!

Seriously that is all you have to do! It’s so darn easy and absolutely delicious!!! This is an awesome soup to serve to a group! You could also make it vegetarian by using vegetable stock and Morning Star crumbles. It’s also great to make for someone else when you provide a meal. Through in a bag of tortilla chips and it’s even yummier! Taco Soup~Use What is in Your Cupboard

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