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Stonewall Kitchen by BB

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Years ago, I’d seen this brand in stores but as a single gal I wasn’t really in need of any “fancy” kitchen items and food. When I got married, my mother-in-law starting gifting me with items and…well, I fell in love! The thing I really love about Stonewall Kitchen is it’s super high quality and the beautiful packaging. It’s a perfect gift item if you’re going over to someone’s house or need just a little more for a gift. Everybody loves it!

Well I have a few FAVORITE products. Several years ago we went to the Macy’s Christmas display in Downtown Minneapolis to see Santa. We did this every year…well until they stopped doing it. (By the way we miss this tradition so much). One year we were looking around in the gift shop and found this soap. We had never had this particular smell. Thankfully my mother-in-law loves to give gifts. Now each Christmas I look for my heavy gift bag my mother-in-law gives me because I know what’s in it!!! I know my sister-in-law also gets equally as excited for her heavy bag. We’re gifted two bottles of Maine Woods hand soap. You guys this stuff smells AMAZING! She has also given us other soaps, all of which we love, but Maine Woods is something special. I think I need to get myself the candle too. It’s seriously smells so so good! Especially in the winter!

Then she gave me this DELICIOUS Wild Maine Blueberry Jam. I’ll tell you what, it is fantastic. I’m not a huge jam eater but I love this stuff. It’s so good on baked cheese (if you haven’t had this oh boy it is good). I air fry the baked cheese and top it with the blueberry jam. (PS if you don’t have an air fryer it’s a must! I use it almost everyday, mostly for veggies) This would be the most delicious and well receive treat to take to a holiday party or have out at Christmas. The warm cheese and cool blueberry jam…ahhh! Talk about a treat!

Stonewall Kitchen has expanded it’s brand with other amazing brands. Legal Sea Foods their signature sauces, condiments and more will be the perfect compliment to your seafood.

Tillen Farms has some very tempting options to help with cocktails. They have beautifully pickled options as well as cocktail syrups. These would help you make signature cocktails at a party easy and delicious.

Montebello is calling all you who love Italian food. They have impeccable air-dried pastas, robust sauces and more. I’m thinking these could be made into gift baskets for teachers, paired with a yummy bottle of wine.

Napa Valley Naturals here comes premium oils, vinegars and dressings that are made using only the best ingredients from around the world. There is a HUGE difference in premium olive oils. The packaging is beautiful too.

Vermont Village has kettle-cooked apple sauces and raw apple cider vinegars with superior taste and tons of nutrients.

Lastly, Stonewall Kitchen recently took over Village Candle. I think we are all familiar with this brand of amazing smelling candles.

Stonewall Kitchen, LLC

On the Stonewall Kitchen website you get 15% off your first order. If you need a treat for yourself or for a gift. Stonewall Kitchen continues to expand it’s quality products and my Mother-in-Law said there hasn’t been a product she hasn’t like!! We hope Stonewall Kitchen can help you check off some items from your list!

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