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Rice-ish Bowls by BB


I often make rice bowls and they are delicious! What’s even better is I can separate the food and my kids will eat it too. I do not like to cook meals that my kids won’t touch but I also don’t want to eat kid food all the time. So after a couple different rice bowls, I came up with this recipe. You can interchange whatever is in it. Sometimes we have steak, you could do ground pork and pineapple… Really the sky is the limit. The teriyaki recipe can be a marinade or just a drizzle. I keep a jar of it in my fridge.


First, pickle the veggies. It’s simple. Cut up veggies. I have red onions, cucumbers, and peppers in this one. Splash white, terragon, or rice vinegar on them. I used terragon vinegar this time. Then sprinkle with sugar. THAT’S IT! Just let it marinate a little while. Prepping throughout the day saves me stress in the evening while the kids are all home.

This is really my favorite part of the bowls.

After I prepare the pickled vegetables, I air fry brussel sprouts and riced cauliflower. I buy the pre-shaved brussel sprouts and riced cauliflower. I mean who has time to do that yourself? Not me! I air fry them with a little olive oil and my Penzey Spice Mixture found here. I also threw in some tofu because Leslie said it was good in the air fryer and she was right!!!

After getting the air fryer going, I begin to cook the protein. Today I made chicken breast. I season it with…you got it my Penzey’s Spice Mixture and cook in olive oil and finish it off with a little butter. My mom taught me to do that to add flavor and it get a beautiful golden color.

Homemade spicy aoli is always in my fridge. It’s super easy! Mayo, a little water, and sriracha. More sriracha…more spicy. It’s not very spicy in my house. It’s the perfect addition to these Rice Bowls.

Drizzle sauce on top of the rice bowl

Teriyaki sauce can be a fantastic marinade or you can just drizzle it over the bowl. Just depends on what you want and how much time you have!

The versatility of rice bowls are endless. I hope you enjoy!

Recipe for Rice (cauliflower rice) Bowls

Tofu I cooked in the air fryer 400 for 8 minutes

Teriyaki sauce recipe

Aioli Recipe

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