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Pickle Wraps-The best appetizer ever!

The holidays aren’t complete without pickle wraps. If I dared to show up to a holiday dinner without pickle wraps I’m not sure they would let me in…seriously! Now if I remember correctly these are not Binks favorite appetizer but everyone else loves them in my family and my in-laws.

The beauty to these little goodies is that they are pretty easy to make. It’s a little tedious but overall easy. Pickle wraps can be made a day ahead of time but I don’t cut them until the day of to keep them fresher.

Only 3 simple ingredients. Some use ham but I think that’s a travesty haha. Must be Buddig beef in my opinion.

Easy Instructions

If you are someone who is good at planning ahead you can leave the cream cheese out to get to room temp. I am never that organized. I usually think…now is a good time! So I usually just stick the cream cheese in a bowl and microwave for about 20 seconds and add 10 seconds until it’s easy to spread. To make pickle wraps without the meat breaking apart the cream cheese must be soft. In addition, the pickles must be dry. If you try to wrap them wet the cream cheese gets…juicy and they don’t stay together very well. Simply put the pickles on a paper towel and pat them dry.

Next you spread the cream cheese on the meat and place the pickle on the meat. I do have a friend that spreads the cream cheese on the pickle first but that seems harder to me and messier but ultimately it wouldn’t change the taste so you can do it however works best for you!

Now I will say these aren’t the most beautiful and classy appetizer but honestly they are always the first app to go! I usually make the day ahead so I don’t smell like pickles for a party haha. Finally, I always wait to slice them until the day I’m going to serve them. They don’t dry out then. So are you a fan of the pickle wrap? Ham or beef?

Ingredients for Pickle Wraps

  • Jar of Pickles
  • Buddig Beef
  • Cream Cheese


Soften cream cheese to room temperature or microwave until soft but not hot. Dry pickles off on a paper towel. Lay beef out and spread softened cream cheese onto meat. Roll. Slice when ready to serve. EAT!!

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