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Our New Normal by BB

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Well life just keeps changing daily. We are now on day 12 of quarantine because of Covid-19. It’s hard to believe our country is going through this. You listen to the news and it feels so desperate. The death toll keeps rising. We really don’t know how many people are truly infected because there isn’t enough tests. Hospitals are desperate for enough PPE and ventilators. It just feels like a bad movie.

With all this scary stuff there are little rainbows. I am loving having dinner together each night and it’s not rushed. Unfortunately this is such a rarity a lot of days. Every evening we take a family walk with our pup. In fact we go for multiple walks a day! It’s been beautiful out. I’m beyond grateful it’s not January in Minnesota and having to be secluded. My two oldest kids are actually playing together. Ok you guys this pretty much never happens. They will go hide up in Bubba’s room, turn on the Echo Show, and dance away. Two weeks again this wouldn’t have happened…never!!!

I get to use my rusty teaching skills as I try to homeschool. We won’t have formal distance learning for another couple days but we jumped right into it two weeks ago. I explored the internet and Amazon. I found some awesome craft and science kits to help us stay busy. I’m incredibly thankful for being a stay at home mom right now. I have been scrambling my time as it is, I think about my amazing friends that also are juggling a full time job from home. It feels impossible to me.

What I do know is we are all trying our hardest. One day i feel like i can conquer the world. The next day I want to crawl into the corner and suck my thumb. I may or may not have sent out an SOS to Sissy’s teacher today because I needed backup and I know Sissy would listen to her. Her teacher personally called her on her way home from work. How incredible! The kindness I’m seeing is overwhelming!

When we walk around the neighborhood people are so eager to say hi and check in to see how we’re doing. I think we’re all missing and craving our normal interactions. I know my kids are!!! Today they were so desperate to be with friends that we went to the neighbors’ driveway and I drew a box that they had to stay in, which of course was a minimum of 6 feet apart. They couldn’t touch, get close, or share the sidewalk chalk they were using to draw. They just want to be together. They miss each other so much!

We are making a list of all the books we are reading. I want to see how many we can read during this time. It helps the kids visualize their hard work too. I’d like to say I’m reading my own book but that would be a lie. I’m hoping once distance learning starts the schedule with take a little pressure off me but I’m not sure that will be the case.

Oh did I tell you we’re in the middle of remodeling part of our house. Yikes!! It’s going to look beautiful when we’re done but it displaces is a bit. The master bathroom is getting a full overhaul which means we had to be out of our master bedroom. All the closets are stuffed. We’re all sharing one bathroom. I needed my own bed so there is a king size bed in Sissy’s room. The kids are sharing rooms like musical chairs. It’s differs every night where they are sleeping. But honestly it really hasn’t been that bad.

Oh did I tell you my dog has a UTI…again! Haha it’s been nuts here but I can’t complain…okay I can. My house sort of smells like pee. After a vet visit today I’m hoping Rosie is on the mend!!

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