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How to Use Rakuten to Get Cash Back!

This time of year is filled with a frenzy of buying. Trying to get the perfect gift for all those people you love…or like and who you appreciate. It can get expensive and overwhelming. I often hear people feeling stressed and anxious. For me, this time of year is for scoring the best deals out there! I have ideas but then I go through Rakuten to figure out which store to buy from. When shopping through Rakuten you get a percentage back from certain stores. Seriously, I take it as my personal mission to use stores that give me back the most money, while also finding great products for my people.

I overheard someone at pre-school pick-up talking about Ebates. I didn’t know her well so I just decided to go look myself. That was in January of 2017. I haven’t gone back. I’ve now earned back almost $1400 and I love sharing the word about how great it is. Some people roll their eyes at me…I don’t care because I guarantee they haven’t received the quarterly checks. (Right now I have $166.01) This takes me to my “secret account.” Yes, I have a “secret” account. Well it’s not technically a secret, my husband does know about it but he can’t see it on our bank statement. It’s actually the bank account my mom would deposit money into when I was in college so I could pay the bills. Well now it’s my “secret” account and I love having one. It doesn’t often have an over abundance of money but it’s MY money.

I use this account for buying my husband presents and buying myself stuff I don’t want to admit to him..shhhh, don’t tell. You know like that expensive eye lash serum that you don’t want to quite confess you spent that much on, but is totally worth it! Being a stay at home mom obviously does not come with a paycheck every two weeks. Let me be VERY clear, my husband is incredibly generous! He counts his money as our money. He wouldn’t say no to that lash serum, but it’s just nice to be able to buy myself stuff from time to time. It’s also really nice to buy him stuff without him paying the bill at the end of the month.

Rakuten is one of the ways that I fill up my secret account and I love it. Anyone who hangs out with me has heard about it. Anyone of my friends and family who use it always report with their “Big Fat Check” totals. We’re like a little money making club! In my own words, “Why wouldn’t you use it?”

I will show you how easy it is to use through pictures and explanations. Also right now when you sign up and spend $30 you get $30 in your account.

Start by starting Rakuten wherever you get your Apps. And load it.

Go to your app store and find Rakuten!

Once you open up your app and sign up you can start shopping. All you do is search the store you’re looking for.

Simply search the store you are looking for and it will redirect you to that store.

I chose Jane.com today. Normally it has a 1% cash back total but today it is 9% cash back!! When I’m holiday shopping I absolutely look for the highest rates! I want the most cash back possible.

That’s it!!! Open App~Search for your store~Click and shop!

Once it’s all set up the hardest part is remembering to go through the app. For me it’s second nature. You can also add it to your browser bar on your computer. I actually prefer to shop on my computer. The app just pops up and tells me the percentage for the stores that are on Rakuten. I would say most stores are on Rakuten but there are a few I shop that aren’t. Total bummer when that happens.

I think this time of year is the best time to start Rakuten because we definitely shop the most right now. I also think in our current climate online shopping is going to be higher for most people.

I hope you jump on the Rakuten bandwagon and start getting a percentage back! Rakuten pays out 4 times a year and you can either get a Big Fat Check in the mail or use it towards a gift card where you get a higher percentage. If you can’t tell I LOVE RAKUTEN!! SHOP. EARN. GET CASH BACK!

*When you use this affiliate link you will receive $30 when you spend $30!!! So you spend $30 and Rakuten puts $30 into you account. That’s THIRTY DOLLARS FOR FREE!!!

*Links are referral links, referral bonuses get paid at no expense to the subscriber

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