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Oh Rosie Doodle!

In March we were on a family trip to North Captiva Island, Florida. If you haven’t been, you should. It’s a magical rustic island where there is little to do but swim and explore. We had the best time ever! While on this trip the conversation came up again about getting a puppy. Over the 11+ years we’ve been married we’ve talked about it. Once at a school auction we bid on a pup, yeah we were outbid. Once there was a litter of beautiful English Cream Golden Retrievers that we almost picked one but decided against. Thankfully, because I found out a few weeks later I was pregnant with Bubba. The conversation has gone back and forth many times. I think we both knew someday but just didn’t know when the right time would be.

Here we were on this amazing vacation and I’m not exactly sure how it came about but I found a litter of Bernedoodles. What is a Bernedoodle? Well I had never heard of them. They are a mix of Bernese Mountain Dog and Poodle. We contacted the breeder and she had one girl left. We wanted a day to think about it. We called her the next day saying that we indeed wanted the girlie. SHE WAS SOLD!!!! Wahhhhhh! We were so sad. I may have even cried a little. What this did help us with was knowing we were really ready for a pup. So our search continued.

We soon found a great breeder in Northern Minnesota and she had a breed about to be born of F1 Bernedoodles. We felt really good about the breeder and decided to make a deposit. We were in! Now we had to wait for the pups to be born. On March 18, 2019 the litter made it’s appearance. One girl and six boys. ONE GIRL? We really wanted a female pup and we knew we were third on the list. Fortunately for us the people before us dropped out and we got first pick. Rosie was ours! Rosie you ask? Yes because Mama loves a good gimlet made with Rose’s lime juice.

Now comes the point where you prepare your house for a puppy without your kids knowing about it because you are surprising them. I’ll post about that experience later. But what I will tell you is that puppies really don’t need as much as you think. Just like children. But what you do NEED is a carpet cleaner. This Bissel Spot Bot has saved our life!!! And of course don’t forget the Bissell Advanced Pet Stain And Odor Spot Cleaning Concentrate. Seriously puppies go ALL THE TIME and don’t know where is the proper place to go. Now we love our girlie completely, but let’s be honest my house would be so disgusting if we didn’t have this little carpet cleaner in our life. What’s best is it does the work for you! You just set it on the spot and push a button. Let the cleaning begin effortlessly! It’s also great when you bring your pup somewhere else. The cleaner is completely portable! Grandmas and Nanas all around thank us!

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