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Favorite Amazon Purchases From the Past Month

I research tons of Amazon products and report back to you the ones I am loving! Let’s just say the UPS workers know me very well. Here are my favorite buys from the last month or so. What is your favorite Amazon buy?

Latest Purchases

With all my reading lately I decided to get myself a Kindle Fire. I decided to just get the least expensive because I want to make sure I’ll actually use it before I make some big investment.

I chose this cute cover because I may or may not have bought a Kindle before and didn’t have a case and cracked it…oops!

These are my new favorite high waisted yoga pants! Ooh they are so comfortable. The band actually stays up and they are under $25. BTW I washed them and they still are great. I’ve had that happen where I like them until I wash them and then yuck.

We will be reading Verity by Colleen Hoover for our April Bookclub. Binks said it’s the best book and you can’t put it down!

Spring Break Ready

I got this pretty halter top dress for Spring Break. I can’t wait to wear it.

I’ve been loving these ponytail scrunchie scarves! So cute. Lazy hair that doesn’t look lazy.

My latest swimsuit!! This one shouldered swimsuit is so flattering!! My 7 year old daughter said she wanted a matching one so I’d say that’s a win.

This shirt is super cute. I’m definitely seeing more and more decorative sleeves while I’m shopping. I love the look

We all know that hydration is so important and especially when you are trying to lose weight. I started my health journey in October and found Ultima totally helps me get my ounces in. It also really helps with headaches.

Say yes to snake print! These slip on sneakers are really really comfortable. I always love adding a print to my outfit.

Repeated in my wardrobe

I have to put this swimsuit down because it’s our number one seller!! I have it in 3 patterns and ALWAYS get compliments when I do. It’s a little sexy but still full coverage and keeps the girls in place!

Last but not least is my very favorite denim jacket. I keep posting it because I love it so very much. I’m wearing it today!

I may have an Amazon problem and I’m well aware of it. But when you find great stuff you find great stuff. The beauty is I try tons and tons and report back only my favorite items.

~links are affiliate links and small commissions can be made at no expense to the buyer.

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