Big Fat Check by BB

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You may get sick of me posting about Rakuten but I just want you to enjoy the cash back that I LOVE getting! I’m a huge online shopper. Unless I’m at Target or the grocery everything is done online. So why not earn cash back while I shop. It’s so simple. It takes a minute to remember to do it but once you get on a routine it’s just becomes second nature.

Why am I talking about it again you ask? Because I just got my cash back for the last three months. This February “Big Fat Check” is always the biggest because of the holidays when I shop even more. While shopping for gifts I pay attention to store that have a higher percentage of cash back.

Last night I got my email saying I could either get a “Big Fat Check” in the mail or I can choose a gift card to certain stores and get a higher percentage back. Well I looked through the store list and found that Macy’s has a 15% increase! Umm yes please! My cash back went from $125.47 to a Macy’s gift card of $144.29! This is just so great and Macy’s is a store I can buy shoes, clothes, or home products so it’s just such a great deal! You guys I’m getting $144.29 cash back just for my normal shopping. Why wouldn’t you want that?!

I’m going to continue to share Rakuten with you all because I want you to get the cash back you deserve! By the way when I spend my Macy’s gift card I will get to use Rakuten and accumulate an additional percentage of cash back. Also Rakuten tells you if their codes to use for an extra savings. Ahhhh I love a good deal! I love saving! And I really love sharing my good deals and savings with all of you! When you use this link you get $10 after you spend your first $25 through the Rakuten app. You can also add it to you toolbar on your laptop and it blinks when a saving can be made. Happy Shopping and Happy cash back!

  • Here are some of the good deals for February 8th. 25% off+free shipping and 10% cash back. code WINTER25

Backcountry 8% cash back

Proflowers 32% cash back

Lancome 8%

Macy’s 6%

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Best affordable plumping lip gloss by Binks

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Pillow plump

I love this lip gloss. It’s moisturizing and tingles slightly for a minute or two. The color (sexy mother plucker) is natural looking and smells great. There are 4 colors. It is sold at Target and is $10.99 Check it out!

5 Minute Nails by Binks

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5 minute nails

Nothing makes you look more polished than a good manicure. I don’t have time for that business and don’t want to spend the money. I’ve been using Impress nails for a few years. It takes no time at all and they are fabulous. I have small hands so I make sure to get the short length for a more natural look but if you like drama than go for the longies. Click here to find them on Amazon. *affiliate link

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What Should I Buy by BB

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Some awesome sale options!

I’m sort of in love with Nordstrom because they are free shipping AND free returns. I often buy many items knowing I can easily return them. Just ask my husband! Also Nordstrom has awesome sales.

So while sitting and waiting for Sissy to finish dance I did some sale exploring. Here’s what I found. What should I order?!! Help!

Perfect Henley Tunic 40% off $24.90

Sam Edelman Walden Boot 60% off $59.98

Rib Knit Detail Cardigan 40% off $47.40

Drape Tie Front Cardigan 30% off $41.30

Side Stripe Skinny Ankle Jeans 40% off $53.40

Cozy Chic Malibu Wrap 30% off $84.70

Jacee Draped Moto Jacket 33% off $58.90

If you were going to order something what would you choose?! Have I mentioned I love the free shipping and returns of Nordstrom!

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Kiwi Company by BB

One of the projects from The a Koala Box

A couple years ago Binks got Bubba and Tinker Crate for Christmas. Bubba is huge into building and creating. He loved it. I loved it because it was a gift that I didn’t have to just pick up around the house. It was something that he could do. Now he was only 6 or 7 at the time so he needed help but I was okay with that. I think it’s nice to have activities that we can do together but that I don’t have to come up with the ideas. As much as I’d love to be that Pinterest mom…I’m not.

This year I was participating in a Just Between Friends consignment sale. If you have one in your area I highly recommend them! I not only sell me kids stuff but I buy my kids stuff too. It’s awesome! It’s another way I fill up my “secret” bank account. I don’t often go through the toys because frankly my kids have way too much. But I happened to and I found Tinker Crates. I was so excited and so were my kids! Each box has a different theme. Some things can be done independently and some need assistance. All the boxes comes with activities and instructions.

For Little Man’s 3rd birthday I ordered a Koala Crate. Oh my gosh it is so cute! There are three super fun activities. Making a cloud and rainbow pillow, a rainbow tote bag, and a suncatcher. He is loving the time he gets to have with Mama and Grandma. I liked it so much I ordered one for Sissy too!

Compare Eureka
Eureka Crate is for ages 14-104 and focuses on Engineering and Design
Compare Maker
Maker Crate is for ages 14-104 and focuses on Art & Design
Compare Tinker
Tinker Crate is for ages 9-16+ and focuses on Science and Engineering
Compare Doodle
Doodle Crate is for ages 9-16+ and focuses on Create & Craft
Compare Atlas
Atlas Crate is for ages 6-11 and focuses on Geography & Culture
Compare Kiwi
Kiwi Crate is for ages 5-8 and focuses on Science, Art, & More
Compare Koala
Koala Crate is for Ages 2-4 and focuses on Play & Learn
Compare Panda
Panda Crate is for ages 0-24 months and focuses on Explore & Discover

Look at all these choices! Wouldn’t it be awesome if for a birthday or holiday gift you purchased one of these subscriptions for your kids? Each month they would get a new box. It would be awesome if a grandparent did a subscription too. Who doesn’t love getting a package in the mail?

Right now we can offer 30% off a box or subscription with the code Share30

Here is a link to take you to Kiwi Co where you can explore their different boxes and subscriptions. 30% off with code Share30.

Don’t forget Rakuten for a return of up to 7%!

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Mix Up Your Meals with Delivery Kits by Binks

Do you like to cook or want to learn? Meal delivery kits are a great way to mix up your skills and meals. I’ve tried them all. First, it’s fun to get stuff in the mail. Second, it’s a fun activity you can do alone or with a friend, partner or kids. Here are my favorites:

Hello Fresh-great options, easy for vegetarian or gluten free. Almost all of the meals have been delicious and the portion sizes are big enough for 2 hearty eaters or 3 meals. I often make these when I’m home alone and save half to gobble up at work the next day. Ingredients are fresh and the few times there have been delivery errors, they make up for it and then some with a simple, friendly customer service call. Favs are bulogi bowls, pork chops and XXXXX. Follow this link for $40 off your first box.

Home Chef is another favorite of mine. Again, great gluten free and other dietary options. The recipes come in a 3 hole punch book that you can keep and use again and again and link Hello Fresh, the recipes can be accessed at any time via their website and app so you can make them again. Follow the Home Chef link to receive $40 off your first box.

The Constant Struggle by Binks

Losing weight is no fun.  We try over and over to varied results.  This is not about diet plans.  I am talking about eating mindfully and how that works for me. How to deal with stress instead of eating my stress. Weight Watchers has been a good tool for me.

Weight Watchers now has zero point foods. I only track the point counting foods, not all the free points, this saves time and allows me not to focus on tracking, tracking, tracking.  I am also a little bit proud each time I add activity points like the 8 points I get from my hot yoga classes or when I actually hit 10,000 steps a day.  Shoveling is more fun when you get 2 points, so is lawn mowing, gardening, house work, shopping, and playing with my kid. 

I don’t always stick to my point allotment but I’m ok with that.  I know that I’m eating way more fruits and vegetables (zero points) and mindfully considering how many serving of gluten free pizza (easy to eat the whole pie but more than a day’s worth of points) -ok I still do this from time to time, but I think about healthier options that can be as satisfying.  It’s a balance. I ask myself more times than not if that unhealthy option is worth it. Weight Watchers has helped me choose no more than yes. That is success if you ask me.

Shopping With Rakuten by BB

This is the first post on our new blog. We’re just getting this new blog going, so stay tuned for more. Subscribe below to get notified when we post new updates.

This time of year is filled with a frenzy of buying. Trying to get the perfect gift for all those people you love…or like and who you appreciate. It can get expensive and overwhelming. I often hear people feeling stressed and anxious. For me, this time of year is for scoring the best deals out there! I have ideas but then I go through Rakuten to figure out which store to buy from. When shopping through Rakuten you get a percentage back from certain stores. Seriously, I take it as my personal mission to use stores that give me back the most money, while also finding great products for my people.

I overheard someone at pre-school pick-up talking about Ebates. I didn’t know her well so I just decided to go look myself. That was in January of 2017. I haven’t gone back. I’ve now earned back over $1,100 and I love sharing the word about how great it is. Some people roll their eyes at me…I don’t care because I guarantee they haven’t received the quarterly checks. This takes me to my “secret account.” Yes, I have a “secret” account. Well it’s not technically a secret, my husband does know about it but he can’t see it on our bank account. It’s actually the bank account my mom would deposit money into when I was in college so I could pay the bills. Well now it’s my “secret” account and I love having one. It doesn’t often have an over abundance of money but it’s MY money.

I use this account for buying my husband presents and buying myself stuff I don’t want to admit to him..shhhh don’t tell. You know like that expensive eye lash serum that you don’t want to quite confess you spent that much on. Being a stay at home mom obviously does not come with a paycheck every two weeks. Let me be VERY clear, my husband is incredibly generous! He counts his money as our money. He wouldn’t say no to that lash serum, but it’s just nice to be able to buy myself stuff from time to time. It’s also really nice to buy him stuff without him paying the bill at the end of the month.

Rakuten is one of the ways that I fill up my secret account and I love it. Anyone who hangs out with me has heard about it. Anyone of my friends and family who use it always report with their “Big Fat Check” totals. We’re like a little money making club! In my own words, “Why wouldn’t you use it?”

I will show you how easy it is to use through pictures and explanations.

Go to your app store and find Rakuten!
Open App and search for store. The stores will show the percentage amount you will get back.
I chose Amazon this time. This is probably the one I use the most. Then you click the Shop in Safari button and it connects you with Amazon. That’s pretty much it!!!!
It’ll look like this as it directs you to the website
Then it’s time to shop. Rakuten will automatically record it and pay you out on the app if your purchase qualifies.

This may feel like a lot of steps but it’s so easy and so worth it! I hope you jump on the Rakuten bandwagon and start getting a percentage back! Rakuten pays out 4 times a year and you can either get a Big Fat Check in the mail or use it towards a gift card where you get a higher percentage. If you can’t tell I LOVE RAKUTEN!! SHOP. EARN. GET CASH BACK!

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