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Like To Know It

Ooh shopping just got easier. After applying over and over and over again, Reward Style finally accepted us. Reward Style is a platform that works with the like to know it app. We are so excited because we find so many amazing deals and products we want to share with you and Like to Know It makes it amazingly easy for you to shop what we find. You guys this app is so amazing if you haven’t ever used it, I want to tell you how it works. So darn easy and so darn great!.

First thing you need to do is go to www.liketoknow.it or go to your app store and get the liketoknow.it app. You will sign up and that’s it!

Registration is completely free and only takes a minute or two to sign up.

Make sure when you sign up you start following BB and Binks on Like to Know it to see our shop.

The other incredible part is when you are on Instagram if you like a picture within 5 minutes you will get an email showing that picture and all the links that go with it. It’s so easy and we are so excited to be able to offer it to all of you. We will not be posting all our pictures on social media so make sure to come check it out on your Liketoknow.it app.

Please reach out if you have any questions or if you have products you are loving so we can share it with our following.

Sharing is Caring. Don’t forget to share BB and Binks with your friends and family. The larger we grow the more opportunities we get to offer to you.

By registering you will save yourself hours of searching for products. Liketoknow.it has our pictures and we can add up to 16 items that are in the picture. It’s pretty awesome. Click on the items and it takes you directly to the website you can find it. Full disclosure, we do make a small commission on these links but it’s at no cost to you, the buyer.

Binks and I are extremely excited to be able to offer you this super easy way to shop. DM us if you have any more question. Yeah!!!

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