How Are You? by BB

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Are you like me and loving parts of this stay home order? Are you also like me and truly struggling with parts of this? I love the fact that we are have our dinners together and our nights totally relaxed! We don’t often have that in our “normal life”. Often times we have Bubba’s sports two school nights a week and Sissy has dance twice a week. That means I make them a quick dinner at about 4:30, we run around all evening, and then I have to make them another dinner/snack before we scramble to bed.

I feel torn about these activities. My kids LOVE their sports. I love that they are staying active and building relationships with new people. I love that they are on a team and get instruction from someone else. I love that they get to be competitive, because I hate competition. I love getting to meet new parents, I’m super social! I was the 4th of 5 children. I really wasn’t in any sports activities growing up. I can only remember one season of softball and one ballet class when I was very young. Times were different and my mom and dad had 5 kids. That would be so much chasing around it would be almost impossible. Now that we’re slowing down a bit I can really feel the value in this simplicity.

I got this fun book Would You Rather Game Book that we have been playing during dinner. It’s so fun! It gives us something to talk about and giggle about. The kids love it! Dinner is a time where we must focus on having fun and looking at the positives or we would sink into a hole of depression. Anxiety and depression can run really high in my household. I definitely struggle with anxiety and unfortunately my kids do too. I’m sure they feed off my energy.

One thing we have been doing is taking car field trips. What the heck we’ll go visit places I’ve heard about but have never been to. Or we just hope in the car and go. The beauty is it doesn’t matter. We have no place to be and no time limit. Last week we were having a rough day. The kids didn’t want to do their work. They were screaming and fighting me. I was crabby, tired, and just wanted to cry. So I messaged the teachers and said we were calling school for the day. They totally supported my decision to take care of our family. That our mental health was the most important thing. I so appreciated it. My kids have been doing all their work and that day, even if we finished, they weren’t learning anything.

So in the car we hopped. We grabbed lunch and ate in the car and we just drove. We live in an outside suburb of St. Paul and there is country near us. So we drove into the country and looked for eagles, animals, and other nature. We were renewed with just getting out of our house and taking a break. It’s amazing how this 1-1/2 hour drive pushed our attitudes in a different direction. That was when I knew we needed to do this at least once a week. We don’t use our tablets and either listen to music or podcasts and just take a minute.

Hello Jolly Green Giant

So we are not only quarantined at home but we are also in the middle of a home renovation. I pushed to start it so it would be done by the time school was out. So much for planning. This week we had plumbers in the kitchen and I thought let’s get the heck out of here. So we headed to La Sueur, MN to see The Jolly Green Giant. Okay this wasn’t exactly what I thought it would be but I’ve heard about it so many times, I figured now was the perfect time. We also found this tiny house that was built by Dr. Mayo, of the famous Mayo Clinic. This was his house and his very first medical clinic. It was the cutest and tiniest house you ever saw. That was it then it was time to go home.

This is Dr. Mayo’s (of Mayo Clinic) first medical clinic. Isn’t it teeny?!!

We stopped at a gas station for potty breaks and of course on a road trip you need treats. (Don’t worry there was tons of hand sanitizer used on this trip!). We even spotted “Santa” getting gas haha! Again, this trip which mostly consisted of us sitting in the car, was so much fun. We laughed and laughed! We sang and danced in the car. We were just us again. We were a family stuck at home trying to home school and get along in a disheveled home, now we felt like our normal fun selves. So if you are feeling stuck, get in your car and go! You don’t even have to get out. Social distancing is still completely followed and your mental health gets a break!

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Now there are parts of this Stay at Home order that I truly struggle with. I am someone who thrives on social contact. Not just phone calls but sitting with my friends talking, laughing, and sometimes crying. I don’t just like it, I NEED IT! I like being out in the world with my kids exploring. I always say I’m a stay at home mom that doesn’t like to stay at home. I feel I’m way more engaged with my kids when we are out and about because I’m not distracted by all the jobs I need to finish at my house.

For me this is really hard. I hate to say that because I’m not struggling financially. I’m not trying to juggle another outside job. I have plenty of food. I have super supportive family and friends. I have an incredible neighborhood. So why is it so hard? I wish I could just focus on the positive. I wish I was someone who could just brush things off. Unfortunately I’m just not. I FEEL ALL THE FEELS! Good, bad, and ugly.

He’s only THREE! This is his second home🤷🏻‍♀️

Thankfully I have a husband who knows when I need a break. My oldest, Bubba, is doing pretty well. He is doing really well with his school. He has actually been struggling a bit academically so getting one on one time with me is benefiting him. Sissy…she’s like me, she needs her teachers and friends. She doesn’t want Mama pushing her. She is pushing every button ten times a day! And Little Man, well, he just keeps leaving the house to climb trees, ride a bike, and play on the dumpster…you guys he’s only three. Ahhhh!

I think what we all need to remember is to have kindness towards ourselves. Be patient with ourselves. And to be selfish a little sometimes. No one has ever been in this situation before. We have never been truly afraid to go into public for fear we may get some nasty virus that could kill us or someone we know. We’ve never had to distance ourselves from the people we love for such a long period of time. We don’t know or understand the long term effects that this virus will have on our world. There are so many things that will change. Please know that BB and Binks want to be here for you. Please reach out to us for anything. Is there a topic you want us to look into? Do you need support? Do you just need to complain? We LOVE engaging and interacting with our readers and followers. It fills our buckets and we want to fill your buckets. So love yourself and take care of yourself!

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Hello World! By Binks

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On my walks I’ve found some beautiful gestures of humanity and some have brought tears to my eyes. These walks are so meaningful. Always before and especially now. It’s the only thing to do to get out of the house safely. Neighbors and kids playing, feeling connected even if 6 feet apart, it feels more like a community than ever before.

Check out some of my finds.

Stronger Together
Rainbow Hearts
Be Happy
This scarecrow dressed up as the Easter bunny.
The Sun
We Can Do This

Please add to this photo list to keep our spirits up. We need to remember the good and the strength of community. Love you guys! BinksIf you need support, consider Talkspace a virtual counselor. We are all in this together. Get $65 off your first month with code ‘APPLY65’ – Sign Up Today!

Our New Normal by BB

~some links are affiliate links and commission are made but at no additional cost to you~

My Designer, Kian, with Space Makers. Helping me make choices for our bathroom remodel. Touching elbows instead of hugs or handshakes.

Well life just keeps changing daily. We are now on day 13 of quarantine because of Covid-19. It’s hard to believe our country is going through this. You listen to the news and it feels so desperate. The death toll keeps rising. We really don’t know how many people are truly infected because there aren’t enough tests. Hospitals are desperate for enough PPE and ventilators. It just feels like a bad movie.

With all this scary stuff there are little rainbows. I am loving having dinner together each night and it’s not rushed. Unfortunately this is such a rarity a lot of our “normal” days. Every evening we take a family walk with our pup. In fact, we go for multiple walks a day! It’s been beautiful out. I’m beyond grateful it’s not January in Minnesota and having to be secluded. My two oldest kids are actually playing together. Ok you guys this pretty much never happens. They will go hide up in Bubba’s room, turn on the Echo Show, and dance away. Two weeks ago this wouldn’t have happened…ever!!!

I get to use my rusty teaching skills as I try to homeschool. We won’t have formal distance learning for another couple days but we jumped right into it two weeks ago. I explored the internet and Amazon. I found some awesome craft and science kits to help us stay busy. I’m incredibly thankful for being a stay at home mom right now. It’s been so busy keeping up with the kids, school work, and keeping up the house hold.  I think about my amazing friends that also are juggling a full time job from home as well. It feels impossible to me.  I truly admire them.

What I do know is we are all trying our hardest. One day I feel like I can conquer the world. The next day I want to crawl into the corner and suck my thumb. I may or may not have sent out an SOS to Sissy’s teacher today because I needed backup and I knew Sissy would listen to her. Her teacher personally called her on her way home from work. How incredible! The kindness I’m seeing is overwhelming!  Sissy told me I roasted her by calling her teacher but she was glad to get to talk to her.

When we walk around the neighborhood people are so eager to say hi and check in to see how we’re doing. I think we’re all missing and craving our normal interactions. I know my kids are!!! Today they were so desperate to be with friends that we went to the neighbors’ driveway and I drew a box that they had to stay in, which of course was a minimum of 6 feet apart. They couldn’t touch, get close, or share the sidewalk chalk they were using to draw. They just want to be together. They miss each other so much!

We are making a list of all the books we are reading. I want to see how many we can read during this time. It helps the kids visualize their hard work too. I’d like to say I’m reading my own book but that would be a lie. I’m hoping once distance learning starts the schedule will take a little pressure off me but I’m not sure that will be the case.

Oh did I tell you we’re in the middle of remodeling part of our house. Yikes!! It’s going to look beautiful when we’re done but it displaces us a bit. The master bathroom is getting a full overhaul which means we had to be out of our master bedroom. All the closets are stuffed. We’re all sharing one bathroom. I needed my own bed so there is a king size bed in Sissy’s room. The kids are sharing rooms like musical chairs. It differs every night where they are sleeping. But honestly it really hasn’t been that bad.

Oh and did I tell you my dog has a UTI…again! Haha it’s been nuts here but I can’t complain…okay I can. My house sort of smells like pee. After a vet visit today I’m hoping Rosie is on the mend!!  I’m so thankful for a great vet who looked closely at Rosie and gave us medication to help with the UTI.  I spent the day vacuuming all the carpets with Arm & Hammer carpet deodorizer.  It really helps with the urine smell!  I’m also so darn thankful for the Bissel Spot Bot, it really helps and getting spots out of the carpet!  And it’s an incredibly beautiful day out so I opened up all the windows to just let fresh air in the house.

Now I have some staples in my wardrobe while we are home.  VIV leggings, as I’ve mentioned before, are my ultimate favorite leggings!  These are a staple!  Right now I’m loving the yoga band ones but I also have the regular high waisted ones that I’m crazy about too!  They aren’t see through, you can get solid colors or patterns, and the best part they are under $15.  You just can go wrong with that!

Another go to staple is my Kut From the Kloth jeans. It’s so funny when I do run into someone and I’m wearing jeans they always comment on how I dressed up haha. The awesome part about Kut jeans is they are so incredibly comfortable! I absolutely love how they felt but also how I look in them. They are definitely my favorite and I’ve been wearing them for many years. I did buy some of the shorts for Spring Break and chose these ones. I’m a huge fan.

I got this linen jumpsuit/overalls which I am loving! Again, for me it’s about comfort. You can also add a different belt to switch it up. It comes in three colors. Shhh, don’t tell my husband but I may have to buy it in the other colors. I know I’ll be wearing these a lot this summer. Adding a denim jacket is a cute touch too. I found this denim jacket before my Spring Break trip and really love it. It’s super soft denim. It also comes in 8 different colors

So we are all just doing our best! Remember the longer we stay home and stay away from others we will be able to get back to “normal.” We need to be aware that when we aren’t following this and practicing social distancing we are really putting other’s lives in danger. There is my soapbox moment.

I wanted to mention that there are tons of good sales right now if you are looking for you or your kids. I also wanted to include some craft items I got for the kids and I so we can have fun at home…and I don’t have to plan anything!

Lastly my dear friends Rakuten is having some great percentages. You sign up and the first time you spend $25.

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Blogging by Binks

Photo by Binks at Spyhouse Coffee, a favorite place to write

Thanksgiving weekend my sister and I decided to start a blog. Two months later, we are alive and kicking. To say it’s been a journey is correct. To say it’s changed our lives, also correct.

This process has taken me slightly out of my comfort zone and allowed me to be more vulnerable (which I am not very good at) by sharing ideas and passions and hoping our readers will be interested. BB and I have no shortage of stories and interests. Both of us could talk the bark off a stump. We are learning what resonates with you and building these interests into our posts.

Our model is to talk about whenever is on our minds and see what sticks. I’m sure we may refine our topics as we gather information and but we are having so much fun coming up with anything we feel like taking about. It’s cathartic and simply fun.

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Celebrating one month of with a giveaway

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Binks and I are so thankful to all of you for following and supporting us this first month of BBandBinks! It’s incredible what a little idea has turned into and we just can’t wait to see what comes next. Now there is something we can probably all agree with…WE LOVE GIVEAWAYS!!!

Here are ways to get entries for our giveaway drawing:

  1. 1 entry for every comment from Friday, Jan 31st through Friday, Feb 7th. This includes Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram!
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  3. 1 entry for going to and following our page.
  4. 1 entry for following us on Pinterest
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There are a lot of ways for you to get entries and we’ll track them and announce the winners on Saturday Feb, 8th! Sharing is Caring, we would love for you to share BBandBinks with your friends and family. If there is a particular post you like please share it on your social media!! We would love to keep expanding and be able to offer more to our followers!

As always we’d love to hear from you. Please reach out with questions, feedback, or ideas at

With our most sincerity thank you so very much for supporting us. We love all the engagements and love. Now I’m off to have a gimlet to celebrate ONE MONTH as the co-founder of BBandBinks!

One of Those Days by BB

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Feeling blah

Do you ever have a day when you wake up and just feel overwhelmed? I’m having one. I’m over-tired, I have a million things to do, I’m missing my dad, and I just want to crawl back into bed and start over. Part of why I started this blog, with my sister, is I needed something else. I’m incredibly thankful I have been able to stay home with my kids for the part 8+ years but there are some days that just feel harder.

I thought I tackled most of the laundry in my house yesterday, well I folded it but haven’t put it away. Nope…I have two more full baskets for today. I have a toy room that desperately needs to be organized and stuff needs to be donated because we have WAY TOO MUCH! Two out of three of my kiddos are dumpers…they go in there and just dump everything out. Ugh! It’s so daunting and it is causing me stress.

I’m trying to come up with quality products and posts that our BB and Binks followers will like and sometimes doubt I’m doing okay. I’m just having a day of self-doubt and anxiety.

But now it’s time to turn it around! Time to look at all I have done. Yes People I’m about to toot my own horn because sometimes we need to just make ourselves feel better. I have taken on a new project, BB and Binks, and have jumped in head first! I have learned so much in 6 weeks. I’ve dedicated A LOT of time but I’m really enjoying the hard work. I also feel like my brain is activated in a way that it hasn’t been for a long time.

Even though I have two baskets of laundry waiting to be cleaned, and 3 baskets ready to be put away. My family still has clean socks and underwear and plenty of clothes to survive.

I’m a good mom, they may get frustrated with me sometimes but that’s because I’m involved and they always want to get their own way. I’m here to guide them and sometimes their way just isn’t gonna happen…sorry kiddies! My kids know I love them and I’m here for them. My 8 year old pretends he doesn’t like me, but when it comes to the end of the night guess who is fighting to lay by me?

I try to be a good friend. I wish I had more time to just hang out and go out to dinner but I really try hard to be there to listen or give a hug. My intention is for my friends to know they are valued and appreciated. I hope they know that. Sometimes I forget important things, and let me tell you that really pisses me off. Especially when that friend has been so good to me. I have learned to surround myself with women who lift me up and to whom I can reciprocate. I feel lucky to have so many strong women to call friends.

Being a wife was something I always wanted to be. When I met Bill I hoped he’d be the one. I had dated a lot but got to a point that I wasn’t sure I was going to meet someone who I wanted to be with and who wanted to be with me. We are so opposite in so many ways, but when it comes to our values, we want the same things. We’ve gone through a lot but have come out stronger. I’m thankful every single day for the life we’ve created together. Even if it involves WAY TOO MUCH LAUNDRY. You hear me, I hate laundry!

I lost my dad almost 3 years ago pretty suddenly. I’ve been missing him a lot lately. My youngest was only 3 months old when he died. He has been talking a lot about Grandpa lately. It seems so magically spiritual to me because there is no way he knows him. Of course we talk about Grandpa and see pictures, but it feels like more. I can’t help but think Little Man and my dad have a bond that surpasses this life. I’m so thankful for that!

Okay I’m starting to feel better. I’m going to put on my big girl pants and go tackled some jobs. For those of you who know me personally know I’m long winded and talk a lot haha. I can only hope your day started better than mine. Let’s go conquer those tasks!

The Gift of a Girls Weekend by BB

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Silo Bakery

Having good friends is such a blessing. I’m lucky to have many! But there are few people that you can easily travel with. Last August, we started planning a trip to Dallas/Fort Worth. Heather (used to live in Dallas for 25 years), Julie (still lives in Dallas and Heather’s best friend), Stacey (my best friend and Heather’s sister-in-law) and me! You get all that?!! Unfortunately, last minute, Heather couldn’t join us. We were super bummed but she had other important things she needed to be present for. I’ve never been to Texas and was so excited. Heather sent some of the things she wanted us to see. We promised her we’d have to plan another trip!

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Comfy clothes are a must for me on travel days.
Side button Tunic under $20 ($2 coupon now)
VIV Collection Leggings under $13
Sorel Joan of Arc-these are my favorite shoes!

Stacey and my day started very early on Friday. We had a 6:50 am flight. I’m terrible at sleeping most days but especially on travel days. Little Man didn’t help as he kept waking up looking for me. I must say though, a flight with no kids is a vacation in and of itself! I put on my headphones with my fan app and tried to get to sleep. When I awoke I read my book. (Did I ever tell you I’m a slow reader? This is why I most often listen to books on Audible).

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is img_2537.jpg
This book is so good!
Where the Forest Meets the Stars by Glendy Vanderah

We got off the plane and we were starving. We called Julie and picked her up and headed to Hillstone for lunch. We ate at Hillstone on our last girls trip in Phoenix. I had the most delicious salad and I begged the girls to let me go to the Dallas location. Guess what? The Thai Steak and Noodle salad was at this location too and it did not disappoint! Oh my gosh it is so darn good!! If you’re ever near a Hillstone go, it is delicious! Tell them BB sent you…they will look at you with confused eyes because they won’t know who BB but…haha!

Julie had to go back to work and Stacey and I headed to Fort Worth. That first night we ate at Mi Cocina and it was delicious!! Then because we are so exciting we headed back to our hotel, got our pjs on, washed our faces and put on our face masks!

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is img_2639.jpg
What do we look silly? We did this each night after a grueling day of eating, drinking, and being tourists! I had received these masks in my FabFitFun box. These are same brand and AWESOME!

We had decided to get an early-ish start because we were headed to Waco, TX to go to Magnolia. We were hoping to see Chip and Joanna Gaines but unfortunately they missed the memo that BB of BB and Binks was on the premise, haha. Can I say that the Magnolia property is pretty impressive and is run like a well oiled machine?! We started at the bakery. Yum! Then headed over to the shop. I was impressed with the prices. They weren’t overboard which I thought was nice. When checking out, we were asked if we were military or a veteran. I thought this was a sweet touch. I’m assuming if you are you got a discount. They also asked where you were from. The staff was kind and engaging. Really a pleasant experience.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is img_2714.jpg
After shopping in the Magnolia store in front of the Silos. Sweater now 50% off
Democracy Ab Solution Jeans. These are my first favorite jeans. They are jeggings but truly look like real jeans. tts
Again Sorel Joan of Arc
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is img_2721.jpg

While we shopped, we had our name on the waiting list (2 hours) for Magnolia Table! May I just say that the restaurant was lovely. The menu is not huge but everything we had was tasty. Let me give you some advice, get the the lavender lemon donut holes and the biscuits…oh my! Let’s just say we were not counting carbs on this trip.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is img_2719.jpg
The food was great and they had these cute conversation starter cards!

These ladies are so easy to travel with. Everyone is relaxed and go with the flow. If we miss a turn, no biggie. If you’re hungry, you eat. If you want to drink, go for it. If you don’t, that’s ok too. We love to laugh and just simply love to spend time together! It really is such a gift.

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These gals in their matching purses! They swear by them. Stacey says to make sure you get the longer handle so it can go over your shoulder
Longchamp large
Longchamp small

On Sunday we headed to Joe T. Garcia’s restaurant. It has the best patio with heaters for this time of year. Stacey and I order chimichangas and asked for flour tortilla versus corn. The waitress very politely looked puzzled. Didn’t seem like a huge request to us. When the food arrived we understood why, these most delicious chimichangas were unlike any I have had before. They looked kind of like corn dogs in shape. She also brought us flour tortillas…hand made ahhhh! Well when she came around again I had to explain that in Minnesota our chimichangas look very different. We giggled a little together. She was awesome!

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is img_2720.jpg
The Fort Worth Stock Yards are a fun place to go with souvenir shops so perfect to pick up little trinkets for the kids
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is img_2723.jpg
There were real Longhorn Bulls! This is a place kids would love!

We headed to Dallas after the Stockyards and drove around the big old houses and big they were. Who else likes to go check out huge houses? I may or may not have Zillowed house prices out of pure snooping! I love doing that. We also went to the Klyde Warren Park which is a great park in the middle of the city. It has a walking track, games to play, a playground, a dog park, and tons of food trucks. Such a cute place. So glad we went! We walked down the road to fountains in the middle of buildings. Not sure the name. But all I could think about was how I wished I had a hammock and a heated blanket to take a nap to the sounds of the fountains.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is img_2725.jpg
The noise was incredibly calming

On Monday morning Stacey and I slept in and missed our free breakfast. We didn’t have to leave for the airport until noon so we decided to walk around and find a coffee shop to grab some breakfast. As we were walking, we noticed a bunch of people lining up on the road. It could only mean a parade was going to happen. It was a parade to honor Martin Luther King, Jr Day! What a perfect way to end the best trip ever!! We sat down and watched school after school represent. I have to say I was a bit emotional. I have never been a part of something like this. It was special! And I LOVE parades!

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is img_2726.jpg
One of the MANY marching bands!

There is something so special to be able to go on a girl’s trip and just get to be me for a couple days. No one expects anything from me other than to eat, drink, and laugh. It helps to recharge my battery and get ready to be in turbo mode with my family. It’s a thing I think everyone should do at least once a year, men and women. I’m thankful for my wonderful friends, and thankful for my husband to hold down the fort while I’m gone. Until next time!

*Links are affiliate links and commissions can be made

Simple mindfulness exercise. By Binks

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Paint by Sticker

Practicing mindfulness doesn’t have to be difficult. One of my favorite exercises is painting by sticker. Focusing on this activity can take me out of my own mind and help me relax. It’s great for kids also. *affiliate links

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Talkspace by Binks

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Talkspace allows you to get therapy while going on with you day to day plans.
Photo by Ylanite Koppens on

As I mentioned in a previous post, I went through a rough time several years ago. I was heartbroken over several losses of important people in my life.

During this time, I came across Talkspace, an online app that connects you to a licensed therapist that you can text, phone and video chat with. I signed up for a free trial and was matched up with a therapist that was just the right fit.

I was able to text and receive support several times a day. It felt more timely than setting an appointment with a therapist. For short term discomfort this was very helpful for me. For $100 off your first month, follow this link.

Turning 41! by BB

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The guy who chose to be on this adventure with me!

My birthday is today and I feel great about it! Some people struggle with getting older but not me. Well, I wouldn’t mind fewer wrinkles, tighter skin, and gravity to not be so mean, but in spite of it all, I have a good life.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 85af1f9c-7c30-4689-8f01-1e656891baad.jpg
My beautiful sister and partner!

At 40, I felt so empowered to just be rid of negativity. I planned to take care of my mental health and sometimes that means removing or limiting things that don’t benefit me and hurt me. I am an extreme empath. I feel things deeply. This is a blessing and a curse. I always felt like I needed everyone to be happy around me and it was my job to help them. Now I’m not saying I won’t support people because I most definitely will, I just am more selective on who I invest my time in. I really appreciate a reciprocal relationship. I also learned that a huge trigger for me is when I feel taken advantage of and I really try to not allow that to happen.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is img_2614.jpg
Growing up my family’s happy place was our cabin!

I tell you what…40 was one of my best years!!! I was healthier and happier. I hope I was still as good of a wife, mom, daughter, sister, and friend! I took time for myself, which we all need…and shouldn’t feel guilty about, but we do! I surrounded myself with people who lift me up and to whom I love to support. I have three awesome kids whom I love dearly even when they’re driving me nuts. When I was younger and had a plan for my life, I hoped for all this. I am just where I wanted to be!

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Everyone deserves a best friend like Stacey! She’s the best!

Of course there are still things I’d like to change. I wish i could be thinner, I wish I had more patience, I wish I could let things not bother me so much but…we all need something to strive for! I also wish I still had my dad. I miss him everyday.

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My kiddies at Minnehaha Falls

So as I take a girls weekend away with some of my favorite people, I sit and appreciate all that I have. My incredible family! My super supportive friends! And now my new adventure, BBandBinks. May you all jump on my happiness bandwagon and enjoy the ride! (I know this is so cheesy but I’m feeling it and it’s my blog, so there.)

Gratitude by BB

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A moment captured

Binks’ post Mindfulness has me thinking about my own gratitude and my children’s gratitude. I saw the book she posted and thought how I really should do this. Maybe this could even be a family activity. At the end of the night, when we are winding down, could this be something we add? Is this something that would help us realize how incredibly lucky we are? Could this be something to end the night on a positive note? I believe it can.

So I searched for a book the kids and I could work on together. I found this one and I’m excited to give it a try. The 3 Minute Gratitude Journal for Kids: A Journal to Teach Children to Practice Gratitude and Mindfulness will help guide me in teaching children, age appropriately about gratitude and mindfulness.

My husband and I love to take adventures with our kids. We would rather have and give experience gifts than just another toy. This all came about as our kids got older, so it was easier to take them out, and when our house became so overfilled with toys. I grew up with very few toys! We just played. Now our kids have so many things they don’t even know what to do. It’s crazy. I’ve never been an over buyer for my kids but we are from wonderfully generous families. My kids are also the youngest cousin here in Woodbury so we get awesome hand me downs. But our house is FILLED! I feel like my kids are so used to having a lot and getting to do a lot that they aren’t even grateful. Does anyone else have this problem?

We just recently got an activity from school, called the Mealtime Challenge. I thought it fit really well into our gratitude or family quality time. It came with a bingo game with different food challenges. It also came with a jar full of Conversation Starters. It’s so cute and the kids love it. It helps to engage everyone in discussions and because it’s from school they really want to do it!

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Each slip of paper has a question.

So for 2020 my family is going to focus on good quality time together, gratitude, and learning new things about each other. Anyone want to join us?

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Getting Out of a Slump by Binks

It’s winter and hibernation feels natural to me. Even though the sun is out, all I feel like doing to cuddling up with my blanket and reading all day. What do I do to get myself out of this slump? Here are a few tips. I’d like to hear yours as well.

  1. If watching TV, get up during the commercials and tidy up. I learned this from my mom. Alternatively, set a number (I use 50) and pick up, organize or sort 50 things.
  2. Open all your shades and try to sit by the window and look outside. Remind yourself there is a world outside of your home.
  3. Hydrate. It’s easy to feel fatigued when you aren’t well hydrated. Drink at least half your body weight in ounces a day. We sometimes forget how important this is in the winter. The dry climate can be super dehydrating.
  4. Tackle some of your least preferred tasks in the morning so they are not hanging over your head all day.
  5. Stretch to get your blood and energy flowing.
  6. FILL IN THE BLANK__________________. What do you do to get yourself out of a slump?