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Meet Jenny Hannahan with Rodan & Fields


Hi you guys! I am so happy to be here! My name is Jenny Hannahan and I am a consultant with Rodan & Fields. I met sweet Betsy (BB) about 5 years ago when our oldest sons were in preschool together. My how time flies! We now have our youngest ones back in class together ;-).

 I am a former Kindergarten teacher, turned stay-at-home mama, turned entrepreneur. I stepped away from the classroom about 11 years ago to travel with my husband while he played professional baseball. His career took us from Michigan, California, Washington, Massachusetts, and Ohio all the way to Seoul, South Korea. I loved supporting him and taking care of our growing family, but I longed for something for myself.

I found Rodan+Fields skincare through my cousin Ali and immediately fell in love with the products AND the business model. I could tackle my stubborn adult acne and build a lucrative career all while taking care of the needs of my family. It was a win-win! 

Building her Rodan & Fields Business

I have been in business for just over 5 years and have built a team of just over 100 fellow entrepreneurs. We have helped 100s of men, women and adolescents tackle a variety of skincare concerns ranging from acne (both adult and adolescent), skin sensitivity, dullness, dark marks, fine lines, and wrinkles.

And I’m sure you’ve heard of Lash Boost + Brow Boost?! That’s right- you can lengthen those lashes and boost those brows, too! We also have several add-on products for your face and body that I am so excited to share with you! Thank you for being here and please reach out to me with any questions…I am an open book! 

What to expect

We are so excited to partner with Jenny and her Rodan & Fields business. One thing we really want to do with this platform is to support others who are hustling! Jenny has found a business that works for meeting her needs all the while getting to be what she wants for her family. (BTW that’s how this blog started, BB needed more than just the stay-at-home mom life)

This week we are featuring incredible products, challenges for you, and AN AWESOME GIVEAWAY!! Jenny is offering free samples when you check out her online Solution Tool. The R+F Solution Tool helps you find the right products for your skincare. It’s really an incredible tool to get you started…and you get a free sample!!

Jenny has challenged me to a regime review. I’ve ordered the Reverse Regime and I will be recording the results each week for 60 days. Did you know that R+F offers you a money back guarantee? If you aren’t completely satisfied with your R+F order you can get a full refund if you return within 60 days for date of purchase! I love this feature. PS I’ve never used it because I’ve really liked all the products I’ve bought!

Jenny is offer $10 off any orders in April. If you sign up as a preferred customer you also get 10% off and free shipping. Of course, I am a preferred customer. It does have a feature to have things sent automatically to you but it’s super easy to push off the date. You aren’t require to purchase anything each month.

Please keep checking us out on Facebook and Instagram this week as we flood our pages with wonderful products! This is going to be so fun. Don’t forget about the GIVEAWAY!! Participation equals entries!!!

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