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The Gift that Keeps Giving!

Subscription boxes for kids are a great way to give a gift that keeps coming throughout the year. Frankly, it’s the perfect grandparent gift. We have tried several Kiwi Co boxes and have never been disappointed. Usually for the holidays we do experience gifts. That’s a little harder this year with Covid. So the idea of subscription boxes really excites me! I mean I love my FabFitFun…the gift that keeps coming!

One of the projects from The a Koala Box

A couple years ago Binks got Bubba and Tinker Crate for Christmas. Bubba is huge into building and creating. He loved it. I loved it because it was a gift that I didn’t have to just pick up around the house. It was something that he could do. Now he was only 6 or 7 at the time so he needed help but I was okay with that. I think it’s nice to have activities that we can do together but that I don’t have to come up with the ideas. As much as I’d love to be that Pinterest mom…I’m not.

Last year I was participating in a Just Between Friends consignment sale. If you have one in your area I highly recommend them! I not only sell me kids stuff but I buy my kids stuff too. It’s awesome! It’s another way I fill up my “secret” bank account. I don’t often go through the toys because frankly my kids have way too much. But I happened to and I found Tinker Crates. I was so excited and so were my kids! Each box has a different theme. Some things can be done independently and some need assistance. All the boxes comes with activities and instructions.

For Little Man’s 3rd birthday I ordered a Koala Crate. Oh my gosh it is so cute! There are three super fun activities. He is loving the time he gets to have with Mama. I liked it so much I ordered one for Sissy too! After almost a whole year of our Koala boxes I must say I totally love it and Little Man loves it even more. Bubba and Sissy often join in on the projects if they are around.

So for his 4th birthday we’re going to keep the boxes coming. Little Man gets so excited when “his mail” comes. It’s such a special time we have together without me having to do any work!!

Compare Eureka
Eureka Crate is for ages 14-104 and focuses on Engineering and Design
Compare Maker
MakerCrate is for ages 14-104 and focuses on Art & Design
Compare Tinker
Tinker Crate is for ages 9-16+ and focuses on Science and Engineering
Compare Doodle
Doodle Crate is for ages 9-16+ and focuses on Create & Craft
Compare Atlas
Atlas Crate is for ages 6-11 and focuses on Geography & Culture
Compare Kiwi
Kiwi Crate is for ages 5-8 and focuses on Science, Art, & More
Compare Koala
Koala Crate is for Ages 2-4 and focuses on Play & Learn
Compare Panda
Panda Crate is for ages 0-24 months and focuses on Explore & Discover

Look at all these choices! Wouldn’t it be awesome if for a birthday or holiday gift you purchased one of these subscriptions for your kids? Each month they would get a new box. It would be awesome if a grandparent did a subscription too. Who doesn’t love getting a package in the mail?

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