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How did I just spend $374 at Costco? By Binks

Wait, isn’t Costco supposed to SAVE me money? Why is it that every time I go, my bill is over $200? My food budget is $400 a month (which I rarely stick to), and now I just blew it a Costco. Oh wait, I have have a 14 year old chow hound with 14 year old chow hound friends who twirl through the kitchen like a plague of locusts. The combinations they come up with astound me. Peanut butter slathered on snack cakes, cake mix mixed with brownie mix cupcakes, you get the idea…What are your favorite Costco products? I love the Kirkland’s organic chicken breasts and the 6 pack of bell peppers. They also have fantastic socks. No, I do not need 15 bars of soap or 37 croissants so I steer away from those. I do not like food waste. Food waste makes me sad. I compost scraps and recycle everything I can. So for me, I am mindful about what I buy at bulk stores like Costco. You can’t beat their prices for organic meats and produce. Just make sure you actually plan to consume them. It doesn’t save money if it ends up in the trash.


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