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Hope For 2020 by BB

Those Little Moments

Starting with a bang

Wow 2020 started with a bang for Binks and me! We are so very excited to start this adventure of our blog and Facebook page. There are definitely some growing pains as with any new project but we’re up for the challenge, we hope you’ll be patient and stick with us!

Sharing is Caring! That’s what they say at my kids school and we hope you can help us by sharing our Facebook page, website, and any post you like!

I have been asked a few times about the products we talk about and the links we share . Binks and I love trying products and we love sharing them with the people we come in contact with. I often share links to things I love. We are posting the things we have tried and we love. We are affiliates to Amazon, Target, Rakuten, Kiwi Co, and Weight Watchers, but we are also consumers. This means when you click on our links and purchase we receive a small commission but it’s at ZERO cost to you!!! And rest assure we are not just doing this for a commission, we truly want to share the things we love. If you ever have any questions please reach out to us at bbandbinks@gmail.com

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Challenging myself

Now for me personally…I’ve been a stay at home mom for 7 1/2 years and I love it but Little Man just turned 3 and I just needed a new challenge. I wanted something that would give me a mental challenge and let me tell you this whole project has been nothing short of a mental challenge. When I was in my 20s I vowed never to be that old lady who didn’t know how to keep up with technology…well I’m that old lady who didn’t keep up with technology. So this is a big challenge but I’m loving it. I also have a friend who’s been helping me a long the way, thanks Samara.

Balancing this and my family is a bit tricky too. I’ve always admired moms who work outside the home. There is so much work to get done. I’m only a couple weeks in and feel a little overwhelmed with meeting all the needs of everyone and the house. I have to say I think it’s good for my kids to see me doing something for myself. They don’t always love having to wait.

2020 hopes

So for 2020 I hope for the adventure to continue! I hope for continued health and happiness! I hope for patience and others around me to grant me their patience as I embark on this new adventure. My ultimate hope is to just take time to truly take in my life. With three kids there is always so many moving parts. But sitting back and looking at them and soaking in a moment like the picture above is what’s it’s all about. There is nothing significant about the picture except they are all together, not fighting, and just being. I love it! May 2020 bring you peace and love! And of course lots of BB and Binks!

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