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Homemade Tomato Soup

I recently wanted to bring a family member who isn’t feeling well some food. Soup is usually a great thing to be because it’s easy on the stomach and frankly makes you feel warm and fuzzy. I had my last harvest of tomatoes from my garden but I will include in the recipe how to use canned tomatoes because fresh garden tomatoes aren’t always available. There are some great canned tomatoes that are high quality and will make an amazing soup. Tomato soup is not something I’ve ever made before and was pleasantly surprise how easy and delicious it is! If you’ve ever eaten the Nordstrom Tomato soup I think this recipe is very similar. Here it is my Homemade Tomato Soup Recipe. Yummy!!

I didn’t want to make a boring soup I wanted it to have a little something extra to it. I took a red bell pepper, some bacon, and onion and sautéed them together. Then added my tomatoes and used an immersion blender to blend everything up. Add in a little cream now or when you reheat for added deliciousness. I like to double the recipe and freeze for later. Of course, serving with a grilled cheese can never never be wrong.


With soup I always double the recipe and freeze for later! I can eat soup everyday once September hits. I love it so much. My favorite way to freeze it is in quart size jars. You just need to let the soup come to room temperature and then refrigerate overnight before putting it in the freezer. (If you put in warm it will crack…I may know from experience). I love my canning funnel to help get the soup in the jar.


Nothing Goes With Tomato Soup Like a Grilled Cheese

Spoil yourself with a delicious sour dough grilled cheese and Homemade Tomato Soup!

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