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Homemade Counter Top Spray and Hand Sanitizer. By Binks


Hand Sanitizer

I’m all about natural cleaners and am also a giant germaphobe. Given the state of the world with COVID19, hand sanitizer is hard to come by. Here is a simple and effective low cost recipe to make your own. *affiliate links

Recipe for Hand Sanitizer:

1 part aloe vera gel. Get it here (make sure you order the gel, not aloe vera juice)

2 parts rubbing alcohol

Essential oil for scent (optional, I like tea tree oil or lavender)

Bottles get them here

Counter Top Spray

Recipe for Counter Top Spray:

Citrus oil is a great grime cutter and smells great. I love the idea of using peels that would normally go straight into the compost bin. They still get composted but after every ounce of use is made with them. I prefer grapefruit for its smell and anti-streak properties, but have also used orange rind, lemon, and lime.

Peel rind from citrus fruit and soak in vinegar for several days. Remove or strain rinds and mix vinegar with distilled or filtered water. Start with 2 parts water 1 part vinegar. Mix in a spray bottle (get them here) and use on counter tops, stainless steel sinks, inside the refrigerator and microwave, floors, etc.

steep grapefruit rind in white vinegar for 2-3 days

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