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Delicious Healthy Low Carb Taco Soup

Who doesn’t like tacos and who doesn’t like soup?! Well those who like both are sure to love this soup! It’s a healthy, low carb, and low calorie soup. Even better…its super easy! The hardest thing you have to do is brown the beef. The rest is dumped in the crockpot. Set it and forget it!

My husband and I are trying to cut out more carbs and eat healthier. I will say my husband is not a huge of soup for dinner. He doesn’t think it’s filling enough. He said he was full after he ate this soup.

If you plan to not eat it all at one time I would not add the cauliflower to all of it. I think cauliflower can sometimes get, for lack of a better word, yucky in leftovers.

Binks and I love love love soup! We have created a post that has our other 6 soup recipes that are absolutely delicious! Go check them out here! We escpecially love healthy soups that we can freeze. All of our recipes can be frozen. I love to freeze my soups in quart jars and use a canning funnel to help me do this mess free. I can’t recommend it enough.

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