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Getting out of a slump. By Binks

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It’s winter and hibernation feels natural to me. Even though the sun is out, all I feel like doing to cuddling up with my blanket and reading all day. What do I do to get myself out of this slump? Here are a few tips. I’d like to hear yours as well.

  1. If watching TV, get up during the commercials and tidy up. I learned this from my mom. Alternatively, set a number (I use 50) and pick up, organize or sort 50 things.
  2. Open all your shades and try to sit by the window and look outside. Remind yourself there is a world outside of your home.
  3. Hydrate. It’s easy to feel fatigued when you aren’t well hydrated. Drink at least half your body weight in ounces a day. We sometimes forget how important this is in the winter. The dry climate can be super dehydrating.
  4. Tackle some of your least preferred tasks in the morning so they are not hanging over your head all day.
  5. Stretch to get your blood and energy flowing.
  6. FILL IN THE BLANK__________________. What do you do to get yourself out of a slump?

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