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Fresh Garden Pesto

Binks has always made the most incredible Pesto and gives it to us each summer. Each summer I go basil and tomatoes in my garden. I love fresh caprese salad more than an other salad. So Yummy! My basil plant is killer this year and my tomatoes aren’t ready yet so I gave making Fresh Garden Pesto a try. You guys it’s so easy and oh my gosh it tastes AMAZING. I also love that a traditional caprese salad and adding more ingredients to increase the flavor profile.

I couldn’t believe how easy it was and YOU GUYS IT MAKES EVERYTHING SO DELICIOUS! Pesto has such a clean and fresh taste. My husband was so impressed and asked for it two nights in a row.

I love to store my Garden Fresh Pesto in 8 oz jars or 4 oz jars. Pesto make a lovely little gift for neighbor, friends, or family.

Let us know what you think in the comments? Tell us what your favorite variation of classic pesto is? Do you like it with pine nuts or walnuts?

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