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Follower Requests ~ we asked what you needed help finding and we search high and low

Something that is really important to us is reaching our followers. What is it that they want and love? We recently asked you all what are things you need for your Spring/Summer wardrobe. You all had incredible ideas and we just love searching for you! Here are 6 of our Follower Requests and amazing products we found!

Request #1

Swimsuit Coverups

A good swimsuit is important but a coverup is just as important. When you are out of the water and walking around, having a comfortable and flattering swimsuit coverup is wonderful.

Look at all these amazing options. They range in very affordable to a little more expensive to meet your needs. This summer season is coming up soon and while you plan your outdoor adventures getting a gorgeous swimsuit coverup is just as important as a fabulous swimsuit. These are must have choices that can easily slip over your swimsuit!

Request #2

Shorts for her

While our legs are awfully pale after hiding all winter, it is time to start looking for awesome shorts you can also wear all summer long. Some wear longer shorts…me! Some like shorter shorts…my best friend. Well I searched out shorts for all body types and lengths.

I have to admit that I have a major bias towards the brand Kut From the Kloth. Kut products are high quality and a great price point. I have shorts, jeans, and jackets from them and I love them all! Truly. Plus they have free shipping and returns! I love that I can try stuff and return what I don’t love.

I also put together a selection of all different kinds of shorts here. All different fabrics, colors, and styles will meet the needs of all different body types. Do you notice how I try to include different body types? That’s because we are all different and I want to reach each of us. I’m not a size two model. I like to show you all what can look good and every body type. It’s very important to me.

Request #3

Shorts for him

While we often focus on Women’s clothes we also want to reach our male followers! We were asked to find shorts and after searching we found these great options!

From athletic to beach to boating to dinner to golf, these shorts can meet the needs of all the men in your life. I have a few that are a little shorter but not too short. I don’t have any men in my life that can pull off the short short male shorts haha.

Request # 4

Short Sleeve Cardigans

I must admit a cardigan is like a blankie. There is something so comforting about a cardigan. If you’re chilly you throw it on but if you heat up you just take it off. I love love love tank tops so cardigans are a major part of my wardrobe. When one of our amazing followers asked for short sleeve cardigan and took on the challenge and began searching.

Most of these adorable cardigans come in many different colors and some in different patterns. They are all highly rated and are for all body types. Yes, I said it again. I want to meet every “body’s” style. Cardigans are such a great addition to your Spring/Summer wardrobe. Remember you can style a cardigan in different ways. Draped open, tucked in, buttoned up, draped over the shoulder, belted… Cardigans are super versatile and can be worn with just about anything!

Kut From Kloth

Request #5

Banded Tank Tops

I also say I don’t care what size I am or how old I am, I will always wear tank tops. I do not like t-shirts. T-shirts don’t feel good and I don’t like how they look on me. I can’t explain it better than that. Tank tops are a personal favorite. When a wonderful follower asked us to find tank tops with a banded waist I began to search. What awesome about the banded waist is that is can hide or camouflage that little extra tummy some of us have. I may or may not have a few of these in my closet!!

The simplicity of a tank top is such a great addition to the Spring/Summer wardrobe. Honestly, it doesn’t need to be warm to warm a tank top because you can always pair it with a cardigan or a denim jacket. Wearing tanks all year round and just layer with another shirt! I have zero t-shirts in my closet…seriously zero. I keep trying to get some but I just don’t like how I look in them. So for me, finding awesome tank tops are a super find!

Request #6

Affordable Bedding

This is the perfect request for me. I have a real problem with bedding. Seriously I have bedding stashed in every closet. When I’m feeling anxious I change my bedding. Not sure why it helps but it does. I love finding gorgeous bedding at amazing prices. I want high quality and high ratings. So the search was to find highly rated bedding that won’t break the bank.

I think it’s super important that your bedroom be your sanctuary. So for me I gravitate to cool and calm colors. The bedding I chose fits into that category but many of them come in different color combinations. While searching I also thought about the season we are currently in. I love plaid in the winter but for spring and summer grays, blues, and green are what I’m attracted to!


Request #7

Flip Flops

What is your go-to spring/summer shoe choice? Flip Flops are definitely mine. I get out of socks as fast as I can! I love how easy they are and they simple make me think of summer! Now I hate to admit this but…as I get older I need a more supportive flip flop. If I have bad shoes, to be frank, my body hurts waaaaaa. So I searched for highly rated flip flops that have more support. I hate that it’s come to this but it just has.

I see this request and can’t help but think about boat season. I love boat season. A few years ago my husband insisted we get a boat. Well he insisted for many years. After our financial advisor (a fellow boat owner) brought it up at our meeting I got a bit mad. I said that he should just go get a boat, I didn’t want to talk about it one more time. I was fuming. Well now 4 years later I realize it was such a great thing for our family. Uninterrupted time with our kids wear technology isn’t involved! Boats=Flip Flops. I may have bought the pair that look like a surf board, so cute.

What Else Can We Find For You?

We absolutely love finding products that you need. We will keep adding to this list as we get more follower requests! A one stop shop for all our followers! Are you following us on LIKEtoKNOWit yet? We put compilations together of products and brands we love. It makes shopping SUPER easy!

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