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Five Best Sellers of January 2020

Binks and I are so excited to share our favorite products with all of you! We also want to hear your feedback. If you LOVE it, that makes our day! If you hate it, we’re bummed but want you to return it. If it was just ok, return it. There are too many good things out there to waste your time on just ok products. Also, if a style comes in different colors and you liked one but not the other please tell us! We want to share this with our followers. We will be full disclosure. It’s important for you know we have integrity! Honesty is the best policy and we appreciate any and all feedback.

The other thing we would love for you to help us with is product loves. If you have things you absolutely love please share them with us at bbandbinks@gmail.com. I know there are a lot of you out there that have as big or bigger online shopping habits than me, Julie that’s you! If you come across something you love, we’d love to check it out!

Kut From Kloth

Starting in February, we will be having guest bloggers or featured friends periodically. We want to support our friends as they support us. So get ready to meet some new faces and learn about new awesome products. If this is something you would be interested in being a part of reach out to us! We’ve got many awesome people that have reached out to us and we’re excited to be a part of their journey and they jump into ours.


~Okay now for the top selling products of January 2020!~

  1. The awesomely flattering Tempt Me Swimsuit. There are 36 varieties of color choses. I got the Red Floral and totally love it. I’ve been “tempted” to buy another one. My best friend Stacey bought two, one she loved and one she returned because it had a white mesh at the chest and said it looked weird. So let us be honest and tell you to stick with the dark mesh colors!! I was so glad she shared her opinion because that’s how we save you from getting things you won’t like. Please tell us if you got one and which one! This swimsuit is true to size and would look good on any body type, in my opinion.

2. For all you dog lovers out there who want their dog to smell like a salon, this is the dog shampoo and conditioner for you! Chi for Dogs Deep Moisture Shampoo and Chi for Dogs Oatmeal Conditioner are the best smelling products. The smell lasts for many days and their fur is so soft and fluffy! It’s a little more expensive but you don’t have to use as much and it really does help with the stinky dog smell. The above links are to Amazon but I have found better prices at Chewy.com! Links to Chewy.com are Chi for Dog Deep Moisture Shampoo and Chi for Dog Oatmeal Conditioner. I’m a big fan of Chewy.com! They have awesome products as well as great customer service!

3. The third best seller is the Asvivid Women’s Warm Long Sleeve Knitted Turtleneck. I got the navy but am super tempted to get another one! I really love it! I love the length and the weight of it. My friend Megan had a good question inquiring about what it would look like after you wash it. I thought that was a great question. So often we wear something a time or two and it looks terrible after you wash it. Well I wore it twice and in true fashion with kids and cooking, I had to wash it. I washed it on delicate cycle and hung dried and it still looks great. Can you tell I’m a fan?!

So many silly Selfies

4. In a method to help save the Earth from plastic waste these Alink 12-pack Rainbow metal drinking straws are awesome! They have a nice silicone tip on them which is more pleasant for drinking. The set comes with two straw brushes, which is necessary in my house because my kids like them a lot. That can get pretty interesting. There is also a nice canvas bag if you want to travel with them!

5. And our last top seller was the Korsis Women’s Long Sleeve Round Neck Button Side Tunic. This comes in 12 colors and has cute buttons down the side to accent the tunic. It comes in under $20 which is a great deal. It also washed up nicely!

To all our wonderful followers, you are appreciated! Binks and I are really enjoying this blog adventure. We truly hope you are enjoying it as well! As always, please reach out to us with feedback or products you’d like us to try out! Look for some guest bloggers coming up. And if we could ask you to please share our link www.bbandbinks.com to your friends and family. Also if you haven’t gone to the actual blog and clicked on follow please do! You can also follow us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/BBandBinks. We are actively trying to improve our Instagram @bbandbinks and Pinterest also bbandbinks. Please follow us on our blog and our Instagram account. The more followers we get, the more deals we can provide! We are ever evolving! It’s been a great first month!

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