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Explaining Affiliate Links by BB

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We’ve been asked a lot of questions about all these links we are posting and what does Affiliate Links mean. I thought it might be easier to just write a post about it so you understand. For the past couple years Binks and I have followed fellow bloggers and influencers on Facebook and Instagram and have purchased many…some might say too many things from them. We were inspired to start our own blog and Facebook page to share the products WE LOVE!

So we started applying to be Affiliates for Amazon and other companies. We also began working on our website. I hate to admit it but it’s been a real challenge for me. One that has been super frustrating at times and also been very satisfying. What we want you to know is we really want this to be quality items that we use and love!

An affiliate link is a link connected to an account for us. For every item we advertise that is purchased we get a small cut from 1-10%. This is at NO cost to the consumer (our readers and followers) so rest assure you aren’t paying more by using our links. These affiliate links help us keep BB and Binks running! The higher our traffic on our website and Facebook the more we can offer to you. We are also working on Instagram and Pinterest. We are super excited to be able to offer you quality products and super good deals. These are brands we stand buy and products we love.

We hope you are enjoying the blog, posts and links! We hope you can find some goodies, whether for yourself or for a gift! We also welcome suggestions! We’ve had a few people send us feedback and ideas they’d like to see and we love it. If it’s not meeting our readers needs and wants it won’t work! So please reach out!!

Binks and I just want to sincerely thank you for your support. This has really been so fun for us and we so appreciate you all! Enjoy!

*Links are affiliate links and commissions can be made

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