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Oprah’s Recs and Our More Affordable Dupes

We all love recommendations from people we admire. Oprah is someone we have had in our lives for what feels like forever. So when I see that Oprah has made an Amazon Gift List, I quickly went to check it out. OOH so many good things. But…I like to get a good deal and a lot of the items are quite expensive. I instantly thought about all of you, who follow us to get great deals and decided that it was time for some This or That comparisons with Oprah’s Recs and Our More Affordable Dupes. So read on and enjoy! All of our finds would make amazing holiday gifts too. Total Bonus!

I’m loving this Spanx Sweatsuit but I’m not sure I can spend $236 on a sweatsuit so I found this highly recommended Dupe Sweatsuit!

I have a 3 in 1 charger for my devices and I love it but I really like the idea of a flat or foldable charging station, especially for traveling. Oprah recommends this one. I found this foldable dupe that is 1/3 the cost and highly recommended.

We LOVE a charcuterie board. It’s especially nice during the holidays. Think holiday party. We often bring one or serve one because everyone loves it! Now this Gather Charcuterie Board is gorgeous and could make a perfect gift but it’s $88. We found this Dupes that is ONLY $28.99!!

Are you a wine drinker? These Stemless Wine Glass Chiller could make a fabulous gift!! Oprah’s Recommendation is VoChill Stemless Wine Glass Chiller however is $89.95 is a pretty big price tag. I found this Dupe that is 1/2 the price and frankly still as pretty.

We all use oil and vinegar and having a beautiful set to dispense is so fun! Oprah found this Montes Doggett Handmade Oil & Vinegar No. 6 Set with Carrying Tray for a big $130. Yikes. How about this fabulous Dupe for only $20.99?! Love it!

Smart Sunglasses would really make someone happy to get this holiday season. Oprah’s Recommendation are these Ray-Bans, I have to admit I do like a good pair of Ray-Bans. But the price is high for sunglasses. I found these Bose (so not really a dupe just less expensive) for only $129 and definitely a great high quality option.

Do you have a Flameless USB Lighter Rechargeable? I don’t but I think they are so cool!! Oprah recommended this Motli Light with LED Flashlight & Rechargeable Battery. I have to admit it’s fashionable but it’s $45. There are tons of more affordable choices that are highly rated but I liked this Dupe for only $9.99! Dupes for the win!

Time to pay more than half for a great Weekender bag! Oprah Recommended the Capri 2 -n-1 Garment and Duffel Bag for $95.99. I found this Travel Garment Bag Dupe that is only $42.99!

We all love a good body butter!! Oprah’s Recommendation is beautiful but 4 jars for $96 is a little rich. I found this lovely set that is highly rated. Guess what? You get 6 different scents for only $38.99!

Fabulous Lip Gloss is a must and makes a wonderful gift! Oprah’s Recommendation is at a hefty price of $80. We found this Nicole Miller lip gloss set for $14.99 and over 600 5-star reviews. You just can’t go wrong with awesome dupes!

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