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Delectable Curry Veggie Dip by BB

Bill and I are working really hard to make better food choices. One of our choices eating more leans and greens. It’s important to get prepared with food that will be good for us to eat without sabotaging all our hard work. Then I remembered this curry veggie dip that is beyond delicious! I spend my Sundays getting veggies ready for the week. I keep them in a covered veggie tray similar to this one. If you don’t have one I highly recommend it. It also is great to bring to a party.

Veggies are just a vessel to be able the enjoy this yummy yummy dip. I will be making us a veggie plate that will be available whenever we want to snack. And if you are serving this dip at a party make sure you have extra veggies because you will need to refill the veggie tray. My favorite vegetables to go with this curry veggie dip are red peppers. Oh my gosh they just compliment each other so well. Other vegetables that go great with the dip are sugar snap peas, carrots, celery, broccoli…I mean really they’ll all go great with it because it’s heavenly!

In the jar is my Penzey spice mixture

Making this curry veggie dip couldn’t be easier. You put all the ingredients into a bowl and mix. That’s it! Taste it and see if you want it to have more curry. I like it strong but some don’t. Also, if you want it spicier you can add more horseradish.

Put all ingredients together and stir
Serve the curry veggie dip in a pretty bowl and surround with all different kinds of veggies!

You guys this curry dip is AMAZING and could not be easier! It will be a change from regular old dip and surprise your guests! Maybe they’ll actually eat the veggies! Enjoy, my friends!!!!!

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