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Crispy Garlicky Kale. Stunningly Delicious.

Crispy Garlicky Kale

I make this side dish of Crispy Garlicky Kale several times a week. It’s so good it’s hard to believe it’s healthy. My son said it’s better than chips and my sister called it, “restaurant quality.” Try this simple recipe and wow yourself and your family while getting in those greens.

Fresh kale- remove stems and chop

Start with fresh whole leaf kale, any variety. Wash it really well to get any sand off. Slice off the stem and crop into bite size pieces. Dry in a salad spinner. It’s important to get this dry before cooking so you have a crispy product. Heat a non stick pan to medium and add several teaspoons of high quality olive oil. More if you aren’t worried about fat. Once heated, add the kale and sauté, turning frequently so it doesn’t burn. Add kosher salt once the leaves start to warm.

In a separate pan, heat up additional olive oil to medium and add fresh chopped garlic. I use about two cloves because I like it nice and garlicky. Add kosher salt to taste. Once the garlic is fragrant, take off heat.

When your kale is starting to get crispy on the edges, add the garlic and toss to coat. Squeeze some fresh Lemon juice over the leaves and you are ready to serve!

BB’s Opinion

I was over at Binks’ house for our last bookclub and she made me this Kale. You guys I keep thinking about Kale. It was seriously good. I keep telling people about it and they look at my like I’m crazy. It’s really that good! If you want a super healthy and easy recipe, this is it. I must have more!!

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