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Contemplating Back to School

Binks and her son

Contemplating Back to School

It’s been a gift to be able to spend so much time with my son this past year and a half. Do I wish there was no pandemic and everything was back to normal? Of course. But, looking on the bright side, this extra time with my teenager has been time we will cherish.

I watched him struggle and grow and adapt and I can only hope learn how to be resilient.

It will be bittersweet when school is back in session. I’m excited for the kids and 100% agree we need to do whatever it takes to keep the virus at bay so our kids can socialize and learn. I have no idea how working parents with younger children managed. How do you work a full time job and successfully keep your kids safe and learning? If this is you, tell us how you did it and what we can learn from it.


Here are some of my lessons. Please comment if you agree or have more.

1. I am not a patient person. Sometimes I have to fake it.

2. Introverts were more comfortable with social distancing.

3. Cooking is fun!

4. If you are sick of your house, paint a wall or move around the furniture. Any small change can feel refreshing. I wallpapered my backsplash with owls and it’s so cute.

5. Slowing down is hard at first but grows in you.

While contemplating back to school. Tell us your lessons in the comments below

XOXO, Binks

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