BB and Binks

Blogging. By Binks

Photo by Binks at Spyhouse Coffee, a favorite place to write

Thanksgiving weekend my sister and I decided to start a blog. Two months later, we are alive and kicking. To say it’s been a journey is correct. To say it’s changed our lives, also correct.

This process has taken me slightly out of my comfort zone and allowed me to be more vulnerable (which I am not very good at) by sharing ideas and passions and hoping our readers will be interested. BB and I have no shortage of stories and interests. Both of us could talk the bark off a stump. We are learning what resonates with you and building these interests into our posts.

Our model is to talk about whenever is on our minds and see what sticks. I’m sure we may refine our topics as we gather information and but we are having so much fun coming up with anything we feel like taking about. It’s cathartic and simply fun.

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