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Big Fat Check by BB

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You may get sick of me posting about Rakuten but I just want you to enjoy the cash back that I LOVE getting! I’m a huge online shopper. Unless I’m at Target or the grocery everything is done online. So why not earn cash back while I shop. It’s so simple. It takes a minute to remember to do it but once you get on a routine it’s just becomes second nature.

Why am I talking about it again you ask? Because I just got my cash back for the last three months. This February “Big Fat Check” is always the biggest because of the holidays when I shop even more. While shopping for gifts I pay attention to store that have a higher percentage of cash back.

Last night I got my email saying I could either get a “Big Fat Check” in the mail or I can choose a gift card to certain stores and get a higher percentage back. Well I looked through the store list and found that Macy’s has a 15% increase! Umm yes please! My cash back went from $125.47 to a Macy’s gift card of $144.29! This is just so great and Macy’s is a store I can buy shoes, clothes, or home products so it’s just such a great deal! You guys I’m getting $144.29 cash back just for my normal shopping. Why wouldn’t you want that?!


I’m going to continue to share Rakuten with you all because I want you to get the cash back you deserve! By the way when I spend my Macy’s gift card I will get to use Rakuten and accumulate an additional percentage of cash back. Also Rakuten tells you if their codes to use for an extra savings. Ahhhh I love a good deal! I love saving! And I really love sharing my good deals and savings with all of you! When you use this link https://www.rakuten.com/r/EMCNEI35?eeid=28187 you get $10 after you spend your first $25 through the Rakuten app. You can also add it to you toolbar on your laptop and it blinks when a saving can be made. Happy Shopping and Happy cash back!

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  • Here are some of the good deals for February 8th.

Shoes.com 25% off+free shipping and 10% cash back. code WINTER25

Backcountry 8% cash back

Proflowers 32% cash back

Lancome 8%

Macy’s 6%

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