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Best Selling Swimsuits

With Spring Break right around the corner, it is time to start thinking about getting a swimsuit. Let us help you!

We search and found some highly rated suits that are sure to please.
Sunshine & Good Vibes | Swim to wear for those warm sunny days ahead!

First three

The one piece high neck plunge mesh swimsuit was definitely one of our top sellers last year. BB bought 3 different patterns of this swimsuit. It’s under $30 and comes in 41 different patterns and colors. It’s sexy but keeps you secure!

While looking for swimsuits I came across CupShe! They have amazing reviews and the prices are incredible. This scalloped necked swimsuit is under $30! It’s a one piece but has a flashy peep hole.

My best friend got me this one shouldered ruffle swimsuit for my birthday. I absolutely love it! The shoulder stays up great and the quality is excellent! Comes in 42 different colors and patterns. Also under $30!

Second Three

Gingham V-Neck Tied One Piece Swimsuit is so stinking cute! Who doesn’t love gingham?!! It’s under $30.

Ruffle One Piece Swimsuits for Women V Neck Ruched I just got this swimsuit because my best friend recommended it. She bought 3 of them. We have the belief if you find a good swimsuit you should get it in multiple colors. We both have boats and spend tons of time in swimsuits in the summer! Under $30.

Black Knotted Scalloped One Piece Swimsuit Recently I was at a Minnesota resort and they had an outdoor hot tub. It was amazing. The air was freezing but the water was hot. I noticed a women’s swimsuit and just thought it was so darling. Then as I was searching for swimsuits I noticed that this was the swimsuit. It just doesn’t get cuter. Again under $30.

Shop Jane

Third Three

This gorgeous Vintage Inspired Pinup swimsuit is really a flattering swimsuit for all body types. It comes in 44 different colors and patterns so you can certainly find one you’ll love. Best part…it’s ranges in cost from $16-$27!!

Cupshe has done it again with this Colorblock Wrap Swimsuit. It’s absolutely gorgeous! You guys it’s only $25! How is that even possible!

Our last swimsuit is this high waisted bikini that comes in 24 different color/pattern combinations. This swimsuit has over 8,000 5 star reviews!! This is a great bikini option for those of us with a little of the mommy tummy. Adorable!

Finishing Up

We hope one of these swimsuits will make you feel beautiful, empowered, and able to have so much fun! Some of my favorite memories with the family I grew up in and my family I created is in a swimsuit. I am not someone who loves what I look like in a swimsuit because my thighs are too big…and I have too much cellulite. But I promised myself and my kids that I wouldn’t stop being present and active because I was insecure.

I never want my kids to remember me sitting on the sidelines missing the fun. I don’t want to be the mom who won’t get into a swimsuit and play with my kids. My kids WILL remember me being involved and having fun! By the way, when you let those feelings go you have so many more experiences. Positive experiences. So even though I wish I had different thighs, I have an incredible life and I’m going to live it!!

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