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Beauty Survival While in Stay at Home Order by BB and Binks

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Now that we’ve been home for awhile the regular beauty regimes are needing to change. I was scheduled get my hair colored on March 28th. Yeah that didn’t happen and it won’t be happening for awhile. Unfortunately the grays are popping! Because I have such dark hair they are really starting to shine. I have been using Color Wow Root Cover Up. I love this stuff. It covers up really well. It’s kind of like an eye shadow. It doesn’t smear or fall on my skin. It simply covers up the grays. This products isn’t just good for now but it’s great for those in between hair colorings. It also lasts a really LONG time. Honestly, I’ve had mine for a couple years.  It comes in several colors from dark blonde to dark brown

Binks and I definitely have eyebrows! Another thing we’re missing is getting our brows and my…eh hem stache waxed! Three products that Binks introduced me Surgi Wax, Parissa, and Finishing Touch Hair Remover.

Binks has always struggled with waxing because she breaks out from it. These strips don’t do that! I just ordered some too. Just as my hair is revealing it’s true colors, my brows are a bit out of control and becoming a legit unibrow😬

How are your hands?! Mine are so very very dry! All this washing is seriously drying out my hands!!! My knuckles even started to crack. My favorite lotion is Gold Bond Ultimate Healing Lotion. It is nice and thick but actually soaks into the skin quickly. I sort of hate lotion but this stuff is by my bathroom sink and my kitchen sink. It’s truly the best! Goodbye cracked knuckles and crusty feet…you know you have them too. 😉

I don’t know about you but I’m finding it hard to find time for self-care. Sometimes putting a face mask or eye masks just feels so good and gets rid of some toxins in the skin. These are some of Binks and my favorites. Wander Beauty gold eye masks Blaq eye masks. Paula’s Choice Clay Mask Ballon Blanc Therapy Face Moisturizer.

I often do these masks while my littles are taking a bath.

Are you someone who puts makeup on everyday or you just don’t care? My friends know that I am a makeup girl. I like to get up and just get ready. I never reapply so you get what you get but I don’t feel super productive until I get my makeup on. I have olive skin so dark circles are very prevalent. I just look sick without concealer. So I tried something new for you all. I did just half my makeup so you could see the difference. What do you think? I’ll include my makeup too if you like what you see and want to see what I’m wearing…now.


On the left is me in my natural state and on the right is my finish daily look. There are some products I have used for a long time and then there are some I change. One thing I change often is moisturizer. SPF is a must but my skin likes to change it up. I have many that are in my rotation but I have found that I need to switch it up for some reason. Right now I’m using Paula’s Choice RESIST Daily Hydrating Fluid Face Moisturizer SPF 50. I’m a big fan of Paula’s Choice. I’ve tried quite a few products. The price point is pretty nice too! I use Rodan & Fields Active Hydration Bright Eye Cream (if you need a Rodan & Fields consultant email us and we’ll share you a name). Both Binks and I swear by this eye cream! I have taken breaks from it and I always go back. It really does work. My undereye is usually much darker if you can believe it. The next step in foundation, I change this product a lot too. Different seasons call for different foundation. Right now I’m using Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue Hydrating Stick SPF 25. This is a new one to me but I’m liking it. I use a foundation brush to blend it evenly! I’d say it’s a little lighter coverage but in the nicer weather that’s what I like. Next I use MaryKay yellow undereye concealer. I love this stuff and have used it for 20 years. I’ve tried other kinds but ALWAYS go back to this one!! (I don’t have a MaryKay consultant so if anyone knows one let me know, I ordered on Amazon). I also use Bare Minerals Original Foundation loose powder. I’ve used this for 10+ years. I just love the feel of it and the coverage.


Next comes eye shadow. I switch this all the time. It’s fun to have pallettes where you can just put on what you are feeling that day. Binks has given me a few and I’ve received some in my FabFitFun boxes. (If you want a free box code let me know and I’ll send you a link). Then eye liner. There are three I love and have for many years. Lancome Artliner for a liquid look (takes a few seconds to dry), Lancome Waterproof pencil, and Bare Minerals Lash Domination (this is the one I use most often). The blush I like the most in Lancome Subtil Oil Free Powder Blush.

What we must remember, and I struggle with this, is that we must take care of ourselves. This seems to be extra hard these days. But if we sneak a little time away each day we will be better off. Our families will benefit too. I’ve been trying to write this post for days and just keep getting interrupted. Today we were trying to do distance learning and the stress was just too much. After tears and screaming I called it. This is a time where we need to care just as much about our mental health as we do about school work, if not more. I piled the kids in the car, I let them choose what they wanted for lunch. We then took a long drive. We came home renewed and happy. This was self care and IT IS NECESSARY!


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