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It may come to no surprise that we LOVE products. We both have very different skin. BB has olive skin that is beginning to get…eh hem…age spots and has some pretty severe dark under eye circles. There are some products we love the same and some that work for one of us but not the other. BB has pretty sensitive skin and will react to some things that Binks loves. We are all so different. Skincare and makeup is not a one size fits all. It’s also not a year round system. Our skin changes with the weather. There are things that work in the summer but don’t work in the winter. Because we live in Minnesota our skin goes through some pretty serious environmental changes. You know 110 degrees and humid in the summer and often below zero with wind chills sometimes 30 below zero in the winter and everywhere in between.

Back to School

We thought it would be fun to share with you what we are using now. You can see what we have in common and how we differ. There are some products you can just buy in a store and there are some that we get from friends that are part of companies. (We’re happy to connect you with our friends!). We’ll let you know if these are products we’ve used for years or a newer product we are loving.

BB’s Makeup Case

  • This isn’t clean and pretty but it’s what mine looks like! I also have a 6 year old obsessed with makeup and frankly makes it a little messier. But this is reality, right?!
  • I love this makeup case. It actually has cool dividers to make spaces smaller which I used for a while but my girlie kept moving them or taking them out and it drove me nuts. So if you don’t “share” your makeup you will love them! This bag travels really well too!
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  • Grace & Stella. I use this in the morning and at night! Hydration
  • Setting Spray I use after all makeup applied. Mineral face sunscreen I use when I go on boat.
  • I’ve been using Beauty Counter Dew Skin a colored lotion. This is enough color for summer but won’t be for winter.
  • Don’t mind the bite marks, the pup got a hold of it. This is my favorite eye cream that truly lightens eyes! I struggle with dark circles and this product is amazing!!! I’ve tried not using it and always go back to it.

The Grace and Stella and Coola products were items I got in FabFitFun. Binks introduced me to FabFitFun and I’m a huge fan. I get to try products I would never ever come across. It’s a easy and affordable way to try out new things. Sometimes I like products and Binks doesn’t and vice versa so we trade! We also save some of the products for GIVEAWAYS for you all!! (If you need to be connected with a Beautycounter or Rodan & Fields seller let us know we’ll get you hooked up!)

  • MaryKay Yellow Concealer, I have used this product for 20 years and I’ve never found a better product to cover my dark circles!
  • Bare Minerals loose powder with SPF, I really love this powder. It has a nice coverage but isn’t cakey. I don’t use this as much in the summer because with a tan my skin is a bit more even.
  • Bare Minerals Foundation stick. This is a newer product to me and I love it! I can use it on my whole face but can also use it on spots. (You know adult acne…ugh)

Gosh as I’m writing all this I realize I have a whole bunch of products. I don’t always use everything, especially in the summer, but I do like my makeup! I also want to express that I am someone who needs to get my makeup done quickly. With 3 kids I don’t have much time to get ready. In and out in 10 minutes. I shower at night and wash my hair at night so I don’t have to blow dry my hair. If I need to I curl my hair which also only takes a couple minutes.

  • I just got the mini version of this bronzer and I love it and it lasts a long time. The brush that comes with is awesome for contouring
  • Obviously this is used haha. I love the Lancôme blush. With darker skin I have found lighter blush is great
  • At this point I apply my deodorant and LOVE Lume deodorant. I have to say the smell seems a bit sour at first but it disappears and keeps your stank away too.
  • Lancome eyeliner is a favorite. I use this more when I’m going out. It makes a great cat eye!
  • Lash Domination is my everyday eyeliner! I love it!
  • This Winky Lux is an eyebrow pencil. Now I have pretty decent and abundant eyebrows but I think this is a nice product. I got it from FabFitFun and wanted to share because if you do need to fill in your eyebrows this is a great product that doesn’t smear onto your face.
  • Dior Iconic mascara is MY FAVORITE PRODUCT!!!! I think everyone needs a great mascara and after trying a million this is my favorite! Goes on nicely, can layer for drama, and doesn’t flake off!

I really like to accent my eyes. Mascara is the thing I think everyone should use. If you don’t love to wear makeup but want something I think mascara is the investment to make! Lashes make everyone look better…in my opinion. With that being said one of my favorite lash products is Rodan and Fields Lash Boost. It’s not cheap but it totally works. I went from very skimpy lashes to amazing lashes! Please reach out and I’ll connect you will my awesome friend!!

In two months the results were incredible!
  • Facial hair remover this is a great product Binks introduced me to! It helps for in between waxing sessions. I have dark hair so…yeah I have a stache and pretty intense eyebrows, this tool has been a serious game changer for me!
  • Blaq eye masks and face masque are my favorite right now. Awww they feel so good and refreshing. Another product I learned from FabFitFun and have reordered
  • Anjou pimple removal kit are you a picker like me? Well this set (that’s on sale) helps to get those stubborn blackhead and pimples. My husband wanted to use mine which is nasty so I got him his own set!
  • Grace & Stella facial spray Binks and I love a good facial spray. It feels so good and can be used throughout the day without messing up your makeup. Another FabFitFun product.
  • Proof is in the Puddin’ this is the current eyeshadow palette I’m using. I got it from FabFitFun as well! I couldn’t find the exact palette so this is similar colors.
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Now there is one product that I’ve been wanting to share that has made a big difference in my life! It is a product that you have to order through someone and my friend Bree, introduced me too. I use some of the other products from this company but this is the one I had to share in this post. I have an inactive thyroid and have to take medicine for it. With thyroid problems hair is greatly affected!!!! My hair was getting so thin. It was terrible. I was balding near my hair line. I don’t know about you but no woman wants thinning hair. I had tried a couple expensive products that helped a little bit but… Then Bree talked to me about trying this system of products and let me tell you it is a total game changer. My hair has grown back and feels like it did when I was in high school. Unfortunately my new hair grew back gray haha! My hair stylist who I have been seeing for 6+ years can’t believe how much my hair has changed. She’s seen me through 2 pregnancies and the hair loss after birth. She’s seen me through my thyroid getting killed off. She has seen my hair change and agrees my hair has never been better. If you would like to be connected with my friend Bree to get a hold of these products please email at bbandbinks@gmail.com or DM me. I really stand by this product!!! If you have any questions I’m happy to answer them for you! These products have truly given me my confidence back!

Left picture is from Mar 2019 when i had just started using product. Right picture is Aug 2020. I actually think my hairline would look a little better but i have grays now so it doesn’t show up in pics as well. You can contact us or go directly to this link to find our more info! I don’t sell this product but it’s too good not to share!

So here was a sneak peek into my makeup case!!! I hope it can help you find some great products for yourself! Binks is going to share her goodies soon! You’ll see some repeats and lots of new stuff! We may have a product problem!

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