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Bargain Bedroom Update! by BB

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I love changing decor in our house. When I’m feeling unsettled or anxious this is especially true. I feel like it freshens up the house and just feels clean! Whenever I go through the kids room and purge clothes and junk it is just so satisfying. So with this little room update we rearranged some furniture, took down old polka dot decals and added rainbow decals. I’m pretty obsessed with decals! They are so easy and super affordable but make a huge change. I can indulge my feelings of needing a change without breaking the bank

Now Sissy’s room really was still cute but we’ve had it like that for over 3 years and we just needed a switcharoo. I always order my decals from Etsy. I have ordered them from other places but frankly I wasn’t as happy. Sometimes they would be too sticky and ruin the wall. Sometimes they were sticky enough and fell off. So now I strictly order from Etsy. I also love that I’m supporting small businesses on Etsy!

Now this was the old decals. Honestly so so cute! I bought the polka dot decals here.

So the first thing we needed to do was pick out new decals. We settled on rainbows. I was so glad Sissy agreed with me because they really are the cutest. I’m so happy with the quality of these rainbows. They are so nice and the colors are just darling. I will say the rainbows were a little tricker only because they are bigger. Normally I just do decals really randomly. I had to think a little more and they aren’t perfect but the room is brightened up and so so cute. All three kids wanted to “help” which was a little hard for me to relinquish control but…

Aren’t they stunning?!! You can change the colors if you want. Another reason I love Etsy. You can custom without breaking the bank.


When we put together Sissy’s room after we moved her out of the nursery, when I was pregnant with Little Man, we got the most adorable shelf. I had to put it together but it’s just a lovely piece in her room. We use it as a book shelf and storage. The doll house look is really adorable.

It doesn’t usually look this put together. I’ve thought about getting cute knick knacks but we just use it for books at this point. Here is a picture with the same phrase. I bought mine at Home Goods I think.

So our Sissy is OBSESSED with makeup. OBSESSED. She has a real problem. I just wish she wasn’t so messy with it. Ugh, some stupid YouTube video told her to crush up all the makeup. It makes a HUGE MESS. I could live without that, oh well. For Sissy’s 6th birthday she had a makeup party. Boy was it fun! For the girl who loves makeup you give her a vanity. I really love this darling vanity. I did have to put it together but it was pretty easy. This girl loves her vanity.


The one thing I will have to do it recover the stool. It’s completely covered in makeup. But you can easily take off the cushion so it would be simple to recover. Maybe this winter I’ll get to that. The cute shag rug is a must to help protect your carpet, haha. I’ve washed it multiple times!

So really the big change was the wall decals but by just moving around some furniture, cleaning and organizing it looks like a whole new room. I’m beyond thrilled with how it turned out. Most importantly Sissy loves it!




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