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Back to school in a strange world By Binks

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So it’s back to school time and my son is starting high school and is going to be schooling 100% online for the near future indefinite future, hopefully not very long. The sad thing is he really really wants to go to school. 9th grade is the time to socialize, meet new people and experience new things in a social environment. It’s sad that he has to miss out on this, but we understand that this is what needs to happen in order to keep the world safe.

In an effort to create some semblance of normality, one of my favorite things to do is back to school clothes shopping. My son grew quite a bit this year. Most of his clothes do not fit him anymore. Lucky for us, that gives us more opportunity for back to school shopping. Here are some of the things I picked out. These items are comfortable for him yet stylish so he can wake up each day, wear a cute outfit, get on his zoom classes and feel like he is still having a school day and gets to express himself with fashion as any teenager wants to do. It’s been fun to watch him as I myself work from home.

My son loves pastels and I selected pieces he could mix and match up.

Camel light weight sweater and indigo cuffed jeans
Sea foam T and Bermuda shorts
Same T with pink jeans
resistance bands

Green long sleeve light weight sweater and the indigo jeans.

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These are all the items that he liked and decided to keep. Did you know that this weekend is Banana Republic’s Friends and Family Event?!! That means 40% off EVERYTHING using code BRFALL. So go get your computer and sit outside and shop away. That’s what we will be doing!

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