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Everyday Can be a Snow Day…Gift Your Kids with Awesome Snow Equipment!

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Well we’re in it deep! Full time distance learning started this week. Even though the kids were only going twice a week it felt different. I had two days with just Little Man where I felt like I could get some stuff down. This whole thing will definitely be interesting. I’m not sure how I’ll get everything done but we are healthy and helping to keep others healthy so it’s a must. We want to be part of the solution versus the problem. Living in Minnesota in the winter has it’s challenges but the benefit is the snow. And with snow you need snow equipment.

At Halloween…the neighbors had an outside get together. One mom mentioned having the kids get together at the baseball field and make a huge snow community! Hello everyday will be a snow day…sort of. They will be home and they will need to burn energy. Smack dap in the middle of our neighborhood we have a baseball field with tons of land around it. I was beyond excited about this idea! Now all we need is snow!

Normally for Christmas we do experience gifts and only a few physical gifts. We have done tickets to the Children’s Theatre the last several years as our big gift. One we are so sad to be missing. But this year is different. We just can’t plan that kind of stuff so…guess what I’m doing?

I’ve ordered tons of cool winter sports/toys activities for the kids. It’ll be their big gift and they are going to be so excited! It’ll help them build a neighborhood snow fort community. So darn fun!!!

Because the field is so big everyone can either build their own fort or build one together. They can have snow ball fights…the options are endless. What I like best is that everyone can do it safely and it can include all ages!


How fun is this snow ball kit!! I thought the shovels could help them with building forts as well!

While they are building snow forts, they need the snow fort building kit right?!! Now there are some more elaborate… and expensive kits but I like this kit just fine!

Now when building a snow fort who doesn’t want to add a little flair? Well painting the snow might made that snow fort extra special so I found a snow painting kit!!

While building snow forts you need snowmen and snow women right?!! Yep there are adorable snowman kits and my kids are getting one!! One snowman kit and one snow woman kit! We like to represent equality in this family😉


So I think we have the forts and snow people covered but let’s be honest our kids like to sled! Feel the wind up their frozen nostrils and zoom.

Have you ever tried a snow scooter?!! Well it’s a real blast! We got one last year and the kids LOVED it!

The inflatable snow boat (looks like jet ski) is going to be a major hit with my kids. I saw it and knew they must have it. Bubba is always talking about how he wants to jet ski, well now he can…sort of…down a hill haha!

Sometimes we can buy all the fancy snow equipment but the best thing might just be the old fashion plastic sled. We like these for when Bill and I go sledding with the kids. By the way, sledding is so much fun but it sure feels like more work getting back up the hill.

My kids are going to be so excited to have all this fun snow equipment! They can share with their friends and we can all act like it’s a snow day!

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