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Who Has Time to Actually Read a Book? by BB

I miss reading books. But I have found an awesome substitute that still allows me to take in good books but I don’t have to sit to read. Audible has allowed me to get my housework done while immersing myself in a book.

Oh my gosh before kids I would come home from work every day, make dinner, and then take a hot bath and read. Read, Read, Read! I love reading and getting to submerse myself in another world. Now with kids, I find so little quiet time to sit and read. I feel like I always have a million things to do.

A couple years ago I discovered Audible. It’s changed my reading. I can now listen to books and I love it. I can keep doing all that needs to be done but also listen to the stories. I moved to Woodbury in 2012 and quickly joined a neighborhood book club. It is so much fun! In all these years I bet I’ve only actually read a couple of the books. I always listen to them.

When I’m doing my laundry or getting ready in the morning I always have my audible app going. Seriously, it helps this mama continue to submerge myself in books. One challenge I have is following along with more complex books. We read one book that took place in Russia and because I couldn’t see all the names I had a hard time following who was who. I’m a visual learner so this can be a struggle. But that hasn’t happened often.

Honestly I’m so thankful for audio books. Not only does it allow me to still “read” books but it fits into my life. It’s also fun to get kids books and if we’re going on a road trip we will listen to a book instead of just watching movies or playing on technology. If you haven’t tried audio books I highly recommend it!

Did you know you can even give Audible as a gift? I didn’t! So cool.

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