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Before starting this blog I didn’t often buy clothing from Amazon but after following some blogs and influencers I have made some purchases that I love. There are also other products that I absolutely love! I hate to admit it but the UPS man brings my pup treats because…eh hem…I have a lot of deliveries. My family definitely orders A LOT from Amazon. Here is my random top 10 list from Amazon in the last 6 months

My number one favorite Amazon clothing is the Tempt Me swimsuit. I have two of them and I ALWAYS get compliments. Honestly wearing a swimsuit is not my favorite thing but when I had children I promised my body insecurities wouldn’t stop me having fun with my kids. My kids aren’t going to remember my thighs they are going to remember me playing with them. I feel good in this swimsuit!

My new favorite item are these acrylic paint pens! We’ve used them so many times to paint rocks. They are virtually mess free. This weekend we tried using regular acrylic paints and the mess was…A LOT! We’ll be sticking with these paint pens!

I’m loving these pedi socks! I use an thick foot cream and then wear these socks. I forgot them on my week long family vacation and I totally missed them!

This is a bit of a random item but I'm loving it. My daughter needed a new bed skirt. I hate bed skirts, they never stay in place! Well I came across this one and thought it was worth a shot. I love it. It doesn't go under the mattress like most of them it just has elastic and goes around the box spring like a skirt. It's Amazing!!! And only $16.99

VIV Collection leggings are my FAVORITE leggings. I actually like to workout in them or just wear them as casual wear. I like that they are higher waisted and actually stay up. I have both solid colors and prints. I have yoga waist and plain waist. I have long and capri length and I love them all!! And you guys they are only $12.99!!!

I'm in love with this denim jacket! It fits so well and it's soft! It does come in tons of colors. I just really love it and this it's a perfect addition to a jumpsuit! I always bring my denim jacket on trips because you never know when you need to cover up a little. Love IT!!

Don't mind the hotel bathroom background haha!

Binks introduced me to this amazing wallet! Travelambo Womens Walllet is thin but holds a ton! I will never use another wallet. I have also seen it on several other blogs which encouraged me! It's really great and is right around $15. The other thing is there are 27 colors. Run don't walk!

Here's another item I wear a lot. I LOVE tank tops. I have never been very comfortable in t-shirts. I usually feel they make me look bigger. When you look into my closet it's full of tanks!! I like this one because of the cute front knot.

Here is an item I use multiple times a day. I believe this is my 3rd cordless vacuum. These vacuums don't often last that long. But I've had this vacuum for 2 years and it's still going strong. I truly love it and it can be used as a dust buster so it's a two for one!! I so highly recommend it and its 25% off!!!

My favorite cordless vacuum!!

Now my last item that I have on Subscribe and Save because I have a front loader washer and if you are like me I need to use a front loader cleaner. I am pretty notorious for starting a load and...not finishing it. I have found Affresh to be the best!

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